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Revis feeling good the day after

Broncos wide receiver Jabar Gaffney hauls in a

Broncos wide receiver Jabar Gaffney hauls in a reception over Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis in Denver. (Oct. 17, 2010) Photo Credit: Getty Images

Darrelle Revis' status yesterday flip-flopped more than a politician during an election year.

"It was a big question mark this whole week of me playing and didn’t really know until Friday with Coach," the All-Pro cornerback said while standing in front of his locker here in Florham Park, N.J. this afternoon. "Then during the weekend, it was kind of a yes, no, yes, no. No. Then that pregame, me and Rex talked about it a bit more. Then it went to third downs. Then I just came up to him and said, 'I think I’m ready to go.'"

So wait, there was a possibility he could've only played on third downs?

"Yeah, that was of the initial plans," Revis said, "you know easing my way back into it and make sure nothing would go wrong."

But Revis, who of course is still trying to get back up to speed with his left hamstring injury, wasn't about to go that route. He was either all it or all out -- no in between. And that's what he relayed to GM Mike Tannenbaum and Rex during their chat in the south end zone with a little over 90 minutes remaining before the 2:05 p.m. local kickoff time.

"Yeah, like I said it was juggling up, the yes and no answers of me playing," Revis said. "My thing was if I was playing, I was playing the whole game. If I wasn’t, I wasn’t. I was just going to cheer my teammates on, so it was just talking about it. 'Am I ready to go? Am I not? How do I feel?' Just those type of questions."

Revis still wasn't quite himself, though, and estimated he was at 90 percent. He was in on about 70 of Denver's 72 offensive snaps, only coming out in certain sub packages. But he came through things without any setbacks.

The swelling subsided this morning and he said he felt good. 

"I thought it was an encouraging thing the way he came out of that game," Ryan said. "I think from a confidence standpoint, his improvement he made this week from the previous week was substantial. I thought he was able to finish on plays. He might not be 100 percent right now, but he's getting closer to it." 

Revis is scheduled to be at The Hangar every day this week to continue getting treatment. Acupuncture, stretching and strengthening of the hamstring are all on tap. Those are things Revis has to do to get back to his Pro Bowl level, a place he's overly eager to visit again.

"I wish I could just snap my fingers and make it happen," he said. "This is a long process right now for me to get there, and I’m working my butt off to get there when I’m in the training room or doing rehab. In due time, I will be 100 percent and ready to go.

"Even today, looking at the film, I was in position for plays," he added, "I just wasn't there to finish the plays off. But you’ve got tip your hat off to those receivers. They made great plays and I’ve just got to keep working and improving."


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