Don't get it twisted.

Darrelle Revis still wants to get paid. The Jets star Pro Bowl cornerback also prefers to have something done sooner than later.

But as for the chatter about his reported asking demands of $20 million per season in the contract extension he’s seeking, that’s where things veer off into another stratosphere that even Revis knows is a pipe dream.

Revis shot that rumor down with a bazooka today.

“That's false,” Revis said this afternoon after the Jets wrapped up their latest OTA session. “I'm not looking for $20 million a year. I've never said that. … I wish I could make $20 million, but that's not going to happen. Let's just bring it back to reality. I never said that, I don't know who said it, but we're working on the number. Whatever we reach and we both agree, then that's what the number will be.”

Revis’ contract has become a hot button issue within the last week, ever since he made it known publicly the two sides were negotiating an extension and didn’t shoot down the possibility of a hold out. He’s due a $1 million base salary in 2010 and the Jets promised they’d have something done by the start of training camp.

Revis revealed today that the Jets shipped a new contract proposal to his agents Neil Schwartz and Jonathan Feinsod last week, and he’s waiting to hear back from his agents while they are currently “digesting” things.

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“We'll go forward,” Revis said, “and when my agents present it to me and let me know how everything's going with the process, then we'll move forward from there.”

He added: “If everything's right, the numbers are right, and everything's good, then I'll sign on the dotted line. If it's not and we have to negotiate more, then that's what we have to do.”

Revis admitted that he’d like to be the highest paid cornerback in the NFL, which means he wants to top the $15.1 million Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha is pocketing per season. Asomugha signed a three-year, $45.3 million deal last year with $28.5 guaranteed. 

“I think that is fair,” Revis said. “This is nothing behind closed doors. This is not where I'm fighting against the Jets and they're fighting against me. I have talked to coach [Rex] Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum and they believe I should be the highest-paid player at my position. They understand that, and I understand that. I don't think anybody would want to settle for less if they were in my situation right now.

“It's something that's going to get done. This is family to me. The Jets are family to me and I trust them and respect them, and I hope they would do the same.”

The $20 million figure that’s been out there have already rubbed some people the wrong way and painted the All-Pro as just another greedy athlete who’s angling for a large payday. Revis has been annoyed somewhat by the backlash he’s received from a few fans, most notably those who are sending him Twitter messages.

“A lot of people on Twitter have been saying stuff,” Revis said. “I don't want to be looked at as that person. It does kind of bother you. I don't know who said it, and I wish I could find out who did, but it's just false information. You guys know I'm not that type of guy to be saying stuff like that and get insane with those types of comments. That's life and you've got to move on with it. And as long as I know the truth, we'll move forward with that.”

There’s an underlying issue that could bubble to the surface. Revis’ agents are the same ones who represented former Jets Pete Kendall and Chris Baker, both of whom claimed the Jets promised them extensions. They were both jettisoned when their extensions were rebuffed, so Revis was asked if that thought even crossed his mind.

“These are not my words. These are the Jets' words,” he said. “They promised that they were going to get it done before training camp. Yes, Pete Kendall and Chris Baker, my agents do represent them, too, as well. It's all about fighting for the player. That's what our agency does, they fight for the player, for the right negotiation numbers and contracts. If that's what the agent has to do, that's what we hire them for and that's what he has to do.

“But like I said, I don't want it to get like that. Hopefully we work it out before training camp. If it happens, it happens. If it don't, it don't.”

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Still, Revis knows he isn't the only key player who's looking for a new deal. He can't totally break the bank, otherwise it could make it difficult to do new contracts for those like C Nick Mangold, LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson and LB David Harris.

"Everybody's in their own situation," Revis said. "I can't vouch for Nick's situation, I can't vouch for Brick's. Everybody's going to have different contracts. I do also understand that those are some of the core guys and we've got to keep those core guys here.

"We've talked about this, and you all need to understand that everything we talk about, nothing is not behind closed doors. Me and Tannenbaum and Rex, we talk about this all the time. We understand the goal here of what we want to do as a team, and it's keeping those core guys here. We don't want Nick leaving.

"You never know my situation, I don't want to leave. David Harris don't want to leave and Brick don't want to leave. So, it's an understanding that we need to keep those guys here and make sure we do everything the right way by negotiating contracts and doing everything we need to do to keep them here."