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Revis: Pregame booing of Sanchez unfair

Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets looks

Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets looks on against the San Diego Chargers at MetLife Stadium. The Jets won, 27-21. (Oct. 23, 2011) Credit: Jim McIsaac

When Darrelle Revis heard boos cascading down onto the MetLife Stadium field as Mark Sanchez was being introduced, the All-Pro cornerback was a bit stunned.

After all, they were about to play a home game in front of their own fans, taking on the AFC East rival Bills in a game they needed to win to keep their flickering playoff hopes alive.

“It was kind of shocking because you’re in the line," Revis said today, "and you’re hearing the offense come out, and you’re clapping and them running down the line, and you’re shaking their hands. I heard some boos and it was just surprising to me. It’s disappointing in a way because we feed off our fans. But you have to understand fans, too. If you make a great play, they clap. If you don’t perform or if you lose, they’re booing." 

Still, Revis understands it's all a part of the landscape of playing in the nation's largest media market, one that's loaded with extremely passionate fans.

"But also you have to know, this is New York, and I wouldn’t say be comfortable with that, but you should know how our fans are," Revis said. "Our fans sometimes have mixed feelings. They always did and they always will. And that’s probably with anybody’s fans. If you don’t perform or if you don’t win games, they’re going to boo."

However, Revis doesn't think the fans should be strictly targeting him with their displeasure. Revis pointed out that Sanchez is not always solely responsible for the Jets' offensive struggles. 

“That’s what I think is unfair, because this is not tennis, this is not a one-man sport," Revis said. "This is not golf. This is a team sport, everybody has to play their part. The one thing playing football you need chemistry, you need chemistry, you need unity to win games. You need everybody on the same page. It’s a lot of pieces to this puzzle that needs to be together. I thought it was unfair.

"I’ve been here when they booed Chad Pennington," he added. "I’ve been here when they booed Brett [Favre]. It’s disappointing to see but it does happen. As a player you have to live with the bumps and bruises and it ain’t going to be a pat on the back all the time. It was unfair, but you have to live with it.

"The quarterback is the person who in reality gets all the negative, the positive, whatever it is," Revis continued. "That’s been through the years of playing football. A quarterback carries the team. He’s the captain. He’s the leader. I mean, yeah. I think knows that. It’s just a matter of us helping him deal with it and lifting him up so he doesn’t go in the tank. I think that’s the biggest thing we have to focus on, to make sure he’s on top of his game and he knows he has support with us having his back all the time."

"You have to take the bumps and the bruises if you lose or you win. That’s just what it is… This is his third year. He knows that. The biggest thing is we have to support him, if he is down. I don’t know if he is down. He doesn’t seem like that. He’s just trying to do the best . . . You can’t forget about what this guy had done. At a very young age at quarterback he took us to two AFC Championship Games. This whole season has been very up and down. It’s been tough. As a whole, we have to stick together. We still have the rest of the season to control what we want to do as a team.”

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