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Revis: Tebow will have 'big' impact

DARRELLE REVIS, Jets cornerbackJets head coach Rex Ryan

DARRELLE REVIS, Jets cornerback
Jets head coach Rex Ryan has become famous for predicting that his team will win the Super Bowl each year. However, Darrelle Revis said he thinks all this talk needs to be backed up. “If he says ‘Super Bowl,’ that’s cool,” Revis said. “That’s why we play this game, but if we’re not winning games then we need to figure out how to win games instead of just talking and saying whatever you want to say.”
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Darrelle Revis' initial reaction when he heard the Jets landed Tim Tebow?

"My first thought was what is going on?" the Jets All-Pro cornerback said with a laugh on ESPN Radio's "Colin Cowherd Show" today. "Like, what is going on? You hear little trickles of, 'He might be a Jet.' Then, it's like, 'Naw, he’ s not.' So then when he becomes a Jet, it’s surprising.

"But you’ve got to appreciate it it. You’ve got to appreciate Mike Tannenbaum and Rex [Ryan] bringing Tebow to the team for a reason, I don’t think this is a publicity stunt. I think it’s for a reason -- to help the team out."

Revis is on board with the move and said the same goes for center Nick Mangold, the only other teammate he's spoken with since last Wednesday's blockbuster trade bringing Tebow in from Denver. But Revis also expressed a little apprehension about Tebow possibly taking away some snaps from Mark Sanchez, something that could disrupt Sanchez's rhythm.

"Any sport, you don't want to take a guy out for 10, 15 plays," Revis said. "To me, you don’t want to take a guy out because he can lose his momentum in the game. I look at that a little bit maybe as a concern because you are telling Mark to come in and say, 'Hey, now throw a touchdown pass.' And it’s like, 'Well, I’ve been sitting out for so long. It’s something that could be a concern.

"We’ll figure it out, though. We’ll figure it out through the OTAs (Organized Team Actvities), through training camp to see how those guys are comfortable with each other."

Still, Revis seems convinced Tebow's arrival is going to have a major positive affect.

"I think he’ll have a big impact," Revis said on "SportsCenter." "The things that he did last year with Denver, unbelievable season he had with them, taking them far into the playoffs and winning a bunch of games for them. He’s a football player and a competitor and that’s what people need to see in Tim Tebow."

But Tebow's arrival could also lead to a quarterback controversy, possibly further fracturing a locker room that's in need of repair and one that Revis said was in "disarray right now." Revis indicated there were some who didn't have Sanchez's back.

"I think we didn’t have enough support for Mark this past year and we need to," he said. "When you look at great teams, they stick with their quarterbacks, no matter what. This is a game where guys make mistakes sometimes. We all do. I’ve had touchdowns on me, Peyton Manning has thrown interceptions. We can go down the line.

"I just think overall, we just need to take care of Mark a little more and appreciate him and be a support system for him."

Revis, who's making the round on ESPN platforms to promote the EA Sports Madden 13 Cover Vote, hadn't spoken publicly since the final game of the season. He also offered some insight into the Jets' locker room issues.

"There was a lot of things going on with guys wanting the ball," he said. "When it’s like that and you are losing, it gets a little more frustrating. That’s all. People were just trying to find ways to win. Santonio [Holmes] wanted the ball. It wasn’t negative.

"I just think he wanted to be the guy who won games for us, and then it blew up out of proportion and then it was, ‘Santonio is not siding with Mark’ and it just blew out of proportion and then Coach [Brian] Schottenheimer was in the mix it too, and the playcalling. So overall, as a team, you’ve got to have unity and you’ve got to work together. Sometimes when you are losing and in that losing phase, everybody starts pointing fingers."

Asked if Holmes was one of those arguing and pointing fingers, Revis said: “Yeah, he was one. I’ve talked to Santonio about this a lot, man. He is just a guy who wanted to win and he wanted to get touches on the ball.

"That was the biggest concern and then [offensive coordinator Brian] Schottenheimer got drawn into it with the playcalling. When you look at the whole thing, the whole situation, guys we just needed to have that team chemistry and unity and we didn’t have it at the right time."

Revis also took issue with the unnamed players who've bashed Sanchez in published reports, including the one who called Sanchez "lazy."

"I know Mark personally," he said, "and Mark, we’re there sometimes at 7 p.m., two hours after work in the cold tub and the hot tub, and he’s going over his playbook. So I know Mark works hard. There’s no question about that. The people who said that, attach your name to the quote so we can know who it is."

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