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Rex apologizes yet again

Rex Ryan of the New York Jets looks

Rex Ryan of the New York Jets looks on during their game against the New England Patriots at MetLife Stadium. (Nov. 13, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

Rex Ryan apologized today for his foul-mouthed remarks to a fan Sunday, and the NFL plans on taking a look at the incident that was captured on video.

As Ryan walked into the MetLife Stadium tunnel at halftime, with the Jets having just yielded an 80-yard touchdown drive, a fan yelled out that Patriots coach Bill Belichick is “better than” him. That’s when Ryan offered up the choice words, a move he regrets.

“It was right after halftime, obviously [had] made the mistake with a timeout, gave up the touchdown,” Ryan said. “It was an emotional time. I’m coming in and I obviously made a mistake. I was just full of emotion and just popped off and obviously I know I represent the National Football League and I know I represent the Jets and I know it was a mistake and I apologize for it.

“This is who I am,” he added. “I made a mistake and I’m about as big a competitor as there is and I was in no mood to hear anything. But I also understand I have to handle that better.”

Ryan could face a possible fine from the NFL, and league spokesman Greg Aiello said they are checking into it. A Jets team spokesman said it's a game-related matter and any discipline would come from the league and not the team.

"Rex and I have talked about it," GM Mike Tannenbaum said in a statement. "Obviously, he let his emotions get the best of him. He knows his behavior was not acceptable."

This isn't the first time Ryan had to apologize for his actions. Following his first season at the helm, he Ryan made an obscene gesture at a fan during a Mixed Martial Arts event in South Florida the day before the Pro Bowl, and the team fined him $50,000.

“I obviously make mistakes all the time and I’m not perfect by any stretch,” Ryan said. “I try to get better, but sometimes my emotions get the best of me.”

Belichick’s emotions might have got the best of him, too. He reportedly made an obscene remark to his son Stephen on the field in the aftermath of their victory over the Jets, cracking how the Patriots put up 37 points “on the best defense in the league… . ”

Asked about it yesterday, Belichick told reporters in New England: "Yeah, that's not the way I remember it, so ..."

Still, don’t think Ryan will forget it. 

Said Ryan: “It’s something I’ll bring up to him after we beat them in the playoffs again this year."

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