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Rex begins staff shakeup

Although I tweeted the info immediately, in my detailing of yesterday's season wrap up out at The Hangar, I neglected to mention Rex Ryan's five assistant coaches who won't be retained.

Blame it on the brain cramp after a day of traveling adventures.

Defensive backs coach Doug Plank, defensive quality control coach Brian Smith, defensive line consultant Chuck Smith, special teams coach Kevin O'Dea and quarterback coach John DeFilippo aren't going to be asked back.

With the exception of Chuck Smith, who wasn't technically on staff, all were on one-year deals and their contracts won't be renewed. Smith is headed to be the defensive line coach at the University of Tennessee.

DeFilippo wants to be the main quarterback coach and needs to go elsewhere to see that come to light with Matt Cavanaugh pretty much entrenched in the schooling of rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Perhaps the only surprise of all of them is Plank. He's the guy who wore No. 46 with the Bears and is the one who Buddy Ryan's famed "46 defense" is named after.

But the Jets had a ton of assistant coaches on their staff and Ryan wants to replace some to assemble what he believes will be an even better staff going forward than what he had this season. 


On another quick note, I'd like to thank those who've sent me messages over the last couple of days talking about my rookie season on the beat and thanking me for my coverage.

No, you guys deserve the thanks from me. I'm the one who should be thanking you because our job as writers is to create an audience and then supply you with the information you crave.

I'm very appreciative of the audience we've had over this first season covering the team and stepping in the muddy shoes of this guy. We've only scratched the surface and my goal is to be even better next season.

That's a promise.

So again, thanks and we'll be keeping this baby going thoughout the offseason with various entries and stories. Bank on it.

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