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Rex clears up Santonio incident

Rex Ryan spoke to Santonio Holmes yesterday about the incident that took place Thursday on a Colgan Air flight from Newark to Pittsburgh, and is confident the wide receiver did nothing wrong.

"The facts of the story are that when the flight attendant came up to him, he was sleeping," Ryan said. "She woke him and told him to turn off his iPod. He said, 'Yeah, no problem.' He was tired, and never took out the ear [buds]. He laid back down. When the lady came by again [and asked him to turn off the Ipod], he said, 'I did. I can hear every word you're saying.' "

Holmes then turned to a woman who was sitting next to him and asked her to listen in on his ear buds to prove the device was indeed off. She, Ryan said, verified that was the case.

Once he got off the plane at Gate 77, Holmes was asked to remain in the area so the police could speak with him. Holmes wasn't charged and an incident report released by the Allegheny (Pa.) County police states that Holmes "was asked to remove his iPod (at one point), in which he complied."

"He told them exactly what happened," Ryan said. "When Santonio told me, I totally believe him. It's one of those things. I believe Santonio, and I'm looking forward to him being a Jet."

Time to move on from this one.

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