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Rex: I have not been disappointed in Tebow

Jets quarterback Tim Tebow scrambles out of the

Jets quarterback Tim Tebow scrambles out of the backfield after getting defensive pressure during a team scrimmage. (Aug. 4, 2012) Credit: Newsday/J. Conrad Williams, Jr.

CORTLAND -- Contrary to what some of you might think -- Tim Tebow's doing pretty well in training camp.

At least, that's what Rex Ryan told reporters on Monday.

Following the Jets' annual Green and White scrimmage, Ryan and the rest of his coaching staff spent the weekend sifting through game tape. There were areas of Tebow's game that need improvement,  of course. But more importantly, Ryan took away several positives from his film study session.

"I have not been disappointed with Tim at all," he said, as his presser came to a close. "Once you go to a live situation, it’s going to elevate his play. It’s not just that he’s throwing the ball and all that because he’s such a weapon when he takes off with it as well."

However, one are of concern for Ryan is the snap exchange between Tebow and backup center Caleb Schlauderaff, who was filling in for Nick Mangold (London trip). There were several instances during the Green and White scrimmage where both Tebow and Schlauderaff weren't in sync, and as a result, the snaps were either high or fumbled.

"We have to get those snaps when he’s underneath center because those things kill your momentum," Ryan said. "...Those things have a tendency to ruin the whole rhythm and everything else. You kind of lose that when those things happen and I’m not saying that’s Tim’s fault or the center’s fault, I’m not really sure. But we have to get that corrected. We had some high snaps when he was in the shotgun. He made some great plays back there. But I love his competitiveness and when you see him in there, the way he is when it’s a live situation, he’s excited and I think he elevates his play."

Tebow said the issue was the speed of his play-calling.

"I went quick on cadences," he said. "That was something (where) the center (was) still making his calls. We just have to be able to communicate better, plus me and Mark (Sanchez) were both going with different guys than usual. Two nights ago that was a little bit of an issue for me, and then we switched again today so it was a little bit of an issue for him. It’s just something we have to keep working on."

The poor snaps between Tebow and Schlauderaff seemed to occur when Tebow was under center, but Ryan shot down any speculation that Tebow is having trouble adjusting to lining up under the center.

"He has taken plenty of snaps out here, but (the fumble) just happened there," Ryan said. "For whatever reason, clearly we have to get it fixed. Is the quarterback pulling out? Is he not in there deep enough? Is the center not getting the ball up? I’m not sure. Obviously, when you have Mangold in there (it brings consistency). We were moving guys in and out of there but again, there are no excuses. We have to get the quarterback-center exchange, clearly."

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