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Rex: I haven't had any Revis talks

TOUGH TIMES FOR REX There may be no

There may be no New York sports figure whose image suffered more in 2012 than Jets coach Rex Ryan, who began the year intending to tone down his bluster and shtick, which he did. But he was affected by the Tim Tebow debacle to the point that by late 2012, he was being accused of evasions at best and fibs at worst. He did have a great line about Greg McElroy’s 11-sack start at QB: “When he wasn’t on his back, I thought he did some good things.” Credit: Newsday/J. Conrad Williams, Jr.

If anyone in the Jets organization is discussing trading Darrelle Revis, it isn’t Rex Ryan.

Or, so he claims.

“I haven't had one conversation with anybody about trading any of our players,” the Jets coach said during an ESPN New York radio interview Friday afternoon.

Typically, where there’s smoke there’s fire. But Ryan continues to plead ignorance on the Revis front, despite daily reports detailing the trade talks between the Jets and Tampa Bay. Earlier this week at the owners meetings in Phoenix, the coach told reporters the Jets aren’t “actively” shopping their three-time All-Pro cornerback.

But on Friday, Ryan wouldn’t say whether he expects Revis to be a Jet this season, or if he’ll be surprised if Revis isn’t on the roster in 2013.

“Wherever this is coming from, it’s not coming from the Jets,” he said of the trade rumors. “Does that mean he’s going to be traded or not? Hey, that’s just speculation. Hey, I’ll let other guys speculate on it and, hey, I think it’s kind of funny. From the day (general manager) John (Idzik) took over, supposedly we were trading Darrelle and he didn’t know where his office was.”

If Ryan is unaware of any trade talks -- or worse, purposely not included in them -- it shows just how little say he is in the direction of this team. And that's a clear departure from the Mike Tannenbaum Era when Ryan's input, particularly on draft picks, held significant weight. 

During the interview, Ryan also said he hasn’t lost confidence in Mark Sanchez.

But I do know this,” the coach said, “the play at quarterback has to get better. There’s no doubt. Whether it’s Mark or someone else we know we have to improve in that area without a doubt. I guess we can file that in the ‘no kidding’ category, but that’s it. It has to get better. I believe that Mark will get a lot better but I also believe there’s going to be stiffer competition than there was in past years.”

That “stiffer” competition currently includes free-agent signee David Garrard and Greg McElroy. (Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but…) Tim Tebow is expected to be released and Matt Simms was signed to a reserve/futures contract.

Ryan reiterated that Sanchez will get the first snaps this offseason, but that’s it.

“I don’t think there’s a clear-cut favorite in my opinion,” Ryan said of his menagerie of QBs. “I just think it’s going to be competition from day one. Sanchez will take the first snap, but that’s all you can say. It’s going to be an open competition.” 

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