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Rex: "I'm a Little Afraid We're Going to Lose Schotty..."

Rex Ryan called offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer “one of the most creative guys I’ve ever been around as a coach” earlier today.

And that’s exactly why the Jets head coach is afraid he might lose him.

When this guy asked Ryan about the team’s 5-1 record since he assumed more of an active role in the offense, the coach credited Schottenheimer for the surge.

“I try to stay out of the way,” he said. “…If I can be of any assistance to Schotty, then that’s what I’m there for. Being a head coach, I’m taking more of that responsibility. Trust me, I don’t call a single play. I don’t do anything. Schotty and I talk.

"To be honest with you, I’m a little afraid we’re going to lose Schotty after this year, so I’m trying to enjoy him right now. I know with some of those jobs coming open there’s a good possibility we’re going to lose him. He deserves to be a head coach. I’m going to enjoy the ride for now.”

Though he may have been downplaying his involvement in the offense somewhat, Ryan credited Schottenheimer today for his “multiple, yet simple” packages and most notably, his utilization of WR Brad Smith, who has emerged as a consummate threat underneath center and downfield.

The coach also said the fact that he and Schottenheimer are sons of NFL coaches has helped their understanding of one another. And Ryan believes the similarities in their professional paths has made a big difference as well.

“The thing that isn’t really talked about as much is Brian could have gotten this head coaching job,” said Ryan. “He interviewed for it. He interviewed for several jobs. It’s very similar to the path I traveled. He chose to stay here. A lot of coaches don’t want that. They’d rather go somewhere else and almost fell slighted.

"He wasn’t that way at all. He took the same approach I did in Baltimore. He’s not just going to do the job, but he’s going to do a great job. I think that’s what he’s done here. Is he better for going through this process? I don’t know, you’ll have to ask him. I know I was much better prepared for coming here after spending that year under (Ravens head coach) John Harbaugh and seeing a different style than I would’ve been if I would have maybe gotten the job. So we have that in common as well."

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