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Rex: I wasn't talking about S-E-X

Rex Ryan talks about heavy rain during football

Rex Ryan talks about heavy rain during football training camp in Cortland. (July 28, 2013) Credit: Hans Pennink

Hours after his Wednesday press conference with the media had ended, Rex Ryan held an impromptu – and rather awkward – evening meeting with Jets beat writers in order to clarify the comments he recently made to his players.

The confusion all began in the locker room when newest Jet, Josh Cribbs, was explaining just how focused his new head coach is on beating the Patriots.

“I saw it in his eyes in the team meeting,” the kick returner said Tuesday during his first interview with the New York media. “…I can tell he really wants this game. He was like, ‘Rest your legs, you go home, don’t do nothing for your wife. Say: ‘Baby, next week. I’m going to take out the trash next week. I’ll take the kids to practice next week because I got to rest for this game.’

“I’m going to tell him to put it on paper, so when I give it to my wife, I’m like, ‘Hey, Rex said that I don’t have to take out the trash.’ He might get a call from my wife.”

A reporter then laughed and said: “I thought you were talking about something else.”

Cribbs replied “Really?,” then added with a laugh: “You guys are sick.”

And here’s where the whole story went sideways.

According to the New York Daily News, rookie defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson reportedly said Ryan was “most definitely” referring to sex. But once Ryan got wind of the story, he came down to the media workroom to set the record straight.

The Jets coach seemed genuinely surprised that his message could be wildly misunderstood and clarified that he was simply referring to household chores. 

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