Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Rex laments new camp rules

As an old-school football writer I figured I'd ask Rex Ryan, an old-school football coach, after the first full pads practice how he feels about the new NFL rules for training camp.

Under the CBA that went into effect post-lockout in 2011, there are restrictions on when players can be in pads, and a limit of one practice a day, and mandated days off.

"I've been fined enough by the league," Ryan said, then added sarcastically. "I love it. I love the new rules."

Then he said this:

"You know, we had the best schedule ever, we really did. Mike Westhoff, who has seen a few huddles broke in his day, agreed. We would go padded practice then in shells in the afternoon, then padded practice and special teams. I thought we had a great one.

"I thought we had a huge advantage over other teams. Because the other teams that were just going pads, pads, pads, pads, they were killing their players. We kept our players fresh, but we were prepared.

"Obviously as a head coach you bring that with you, how you envision practice. My dad was the old way: pads, pads, pads, whatever it was. We’d pad up in walkthroughs. It was way different.

"I stole it through the Bill Walsh type deal. He won a few games, so I flat stole it from the late, great Bill Walsh. So it’s unfortunate they changed the schedule."

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