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Rex, Pettine and Thurman form coaching bond

Jets coach Rex Ryan recently mentioned that, when he was in Baltimore with coaches Mike Pettine and Dennis Thurman, the three of them had an understanding that, if one got a head coaching job, all three would go together. Now, Ryan has the Jets in the AFC title game, Pettine is coordinator for the NFL's No. 1 defense and Thurman is in charge of the secondary that must stop colts quarterback Peyton Manning.
Explaining the bond that developed while they were with the Ravens, Pettine said, "The three of us have always been tight. DT and I got hired almost the same day. I think we sat in the same Human Resources meeting in Baltimore. We shared an office for a while. Both of us were drawn to Rex, and the three of us did a lot of things together.
"A lot of it, too, is that we share the same philosophy. We're very much on the same page. We've gotten to the point where the whole mind-reading thing is that [Ryan] makes the call, and DT and I both knew it was coming. It's just that familiarity because we've been together for so long. It came natural for the three of us."
Pettine soon might be joining the field of head-coaching candidates in the NFL, but he insisted that's not on his mind right now. "I've always been of the mindset, 'Don't look for a better job; do a better job,' " he said. "Those opportunities will find you. I've seen it enough in this business where I think guys go out of their way and start to think about the next [job]. I'm focused now on winning a ring.
"There's plenty of time in the offseason to look beyond that. Down the road, absolutely [he wants to be a head coach]. But it's nothing any thought is being given to right now."

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