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Rex rewrites Wikipedia history

Playing the role of teacher, Rex Ryan separated the stack of stapled papers and asked his audience to take one and pass the rest down.

The first page was a printout of Wikipedia's “Onside kick” entry.

“I pass this out because, see, I was not aware that Westy invented the onside kick,” the coach said with a smile.

On Thursday, special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff said, “I invented the damn thing, so I don’t care what he says,” in reference to Denver coach Josh McDaniels’ comments about calling an onside kick in the second quarter against the Jets. Westhoff, obviously, didn’t mean he created that brand of kickoff, but the head coach poked fun at his coordinator nonetheless.

“I wanted to do some research on several topics,” Ryan continued. “I know we have a very experienced staff. I don’t know if you guys are aware of it. So when we went back and looked at the references on the onside kick, see this guy here, Eddie [Cochems], “The Forward Pass and On-Side Kick,” he wrote a book about it in 1907. Scratch that off and put Mike Westhoff cause he was the ghostwriter for Westy about the onside kick.”

The coach also edited – with a dark-inked pen -- the Wikipedia entries on the “Blitz” – which he said was invented by linebackers coach Bob Sutton -- and the “Single-wing formation” (otherwise known as the Wildcat), which he claimed was devised by O-line coach Bill "Pop" Callahan and not Glenn "Pop" Warner.

“I'm always thinking about how I can help you guys out and I thought this was a way to save you some research," Ryan said. “Once I found out that Westy invested the onside kick I wanted to make sure we went back and documented it.”

C Nick Mangold (shoulder), LB Calvin Pace (foot) and CB Darrelle Revis (hamstring) are listed as probable for Sunday’s game vs. Green Bay but will play.

The coach also mentioned during today’s presser that he has no intentions of “preserving” LaDainian Tomlinson down the stretch by using Shonn Greene more.

“Shonn, he’s a bell cow and so is LT," Ryan said. "They’re both huge roles for us. But they’re great teammates. …There’s plenty of carries to go around and we’re going to be fresh. That’s why I look at it, I love the, ‘Well LT’s not going to be as strong at the end of the season as he is now.’ Oh really? OK. We’ll see. I think what we’ll do is take care of LT in the body of practice. And we’ll get him going like crazy in the game. I think both of those guys will have more of a presence as the season goes on.”

Speaking of presence, Ryan cautioned Green Bay fans against showing up to New Meadowlands Stadium dressed in full green garb.

“I wouldn’t want to wear Green Bay stuff coming into our stadium. No way," he said. "These are our fans, our team, I don’t think a Packer fan would want to waste his time coming in this environement. But if they travel well, they travel well. We’ll see. As long as they travel home mad, disappointed and everything else at the outcome of the game, it’ll be fine with me.”

And for those of you Cablevision subscribers who won’t get to see Sunday’s 1 p.m. game on Fox, Ryan had this suggestion: “Go to your local establishment, hopefully they’ll have the game on, pound a couple of beers.”

But he quickly warned: “Remember, I am not responsible for someone pounding a Green Bay Packer fan.”

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