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Rex Ryan: Bill Belichick is better

PATRIOTS Pros: Josh McDaniels, now the offensive coordinator


Pros: Josh McDaniels, now the offensive coordinator for the Pats, drafted Tebow when he was the head coach in Denver. Plus, head coach Bill Belichick has a great track record of seeing what others miss in players.
Cons: Does Tebow want to play behind Tom Brady? If Belichick has plans to move Tebow to tight end or halfback, would he be happy there? After all, Tebow proved to be a winner at quarterback last year.

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Rex Ryan is a master of hyperbole. But there’s one match-up the Jets coach is willing to concede.

Ryan may think he’s the best defensive mind in football, but when it comes to being a head coach – Belichick has him beat.

“When I look at him, I see him as the best coach in the league,” the Jets coach said. “Maybe if he has his struggles one day, he’s sick, who knows, I get him.”

Ryan will get another shot at Belichick this week when the Jets face the Patriots in a must-win division game for both clubs. They each find themselves in a four-way tie for first place in the AFC East.

Ryan said on Monday that he’s not “conceding anything” when he goes up to Foxboro. But on Wednesday, the Jets coach was rather blunt when it came to his record vs. Belichick’s storied coaching achievement.

“If it was just between Belichick and me, he’s going to win, no doubt,” he said. “I recognize that. But it’s not going to be by lack of effort on my part. He’s going to get everything I’ve got.”

The Patriots have won the AFC division title nine of the past 11 years – and every year since Ryan joined the Jets (2009).

“The way I look at it as, you want to compete against the very best,” the Jets coach said. “Maybe I’m crazy, whatever, it’s maybe not even debatable, but I have dreams about what I want to achieve and I want to compete against the very best.

“I don’t want to compete against someone down here,” he said, motioning his hand low. “I want to compete against the guy up here. That’s where I want to get one day, and if I eventually get there, that’d be great. Then maybe people would want to compete against me the same way. That would be terrific.” 

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