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50° Good Afternoon

Rex Ryan: "It's hard to say we're not the best team in the league right now"

That was what Ryan said on a conference call a few minutes ago. The record says 5-1, which no one else has, so who's to argue?

"Our record says we're the best, but I think this team can really improve," Ryan said. "I think the biggest thing for us is, we made plenty of mistakes yesterday, a ton of mistakes. It was a short week, a long flight, a tough crowd, all that. Yet we never gave up faith. You can see the confidence in each other and in how hard we play -- we still thought it was our day."

As for the big pass interference call on Renaldo Hill that led to the winning TD:

"It was the right call. It was a professional call, and it was probably a tough call to make in that spot. But [Hill] grabs the face mask, and that's probably the only thing that keeps Santonio from making the catch."

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