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Rex Ryan on quarterback change: 'I know in my heart, this is not the time'

Quarterbacks Tim Tebow (L) and Mark Sanchez talk

Quarterbacks Tim Tebow (L) and Mark Sanchez talk during pre-game warm ups. (Sept. 9, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

Rex Ryan pored over the game tape for evidence of something different. But after reviewing their 34-0 loss to San Francisco on Monday morning, the Jets coach was left with the same sinking feeling.

“We have to get better,” he said.

Shortly after the loss, Ryan summed it up Sunday by calling it a butt-whooping (Well, not quite in those words). But he maintained Mark Sanchez gives the Jets the best chance of winning right now.

And on Monday, his tune was no different.

Said Ryan: “He’s definitely our guy.”

The coach deflected inquiries about a quarterback change by highlighting the shortcomings of each unit: The running game gets stalled when there aren’t enough holes, he said. And the defense doesn’t consistently tackle, nor has it found an answer to stopping the run.

Despite some of his faults, Mark Sanchez’s ball security and decision-making at times is only part of the problem. And the time for a change at quarterback is not now, said Ryan.

“I just know in my heart that this is not the right time.”

Sanchez went 13-for-29 for 103 yards in Sunday’s loss. He also was sacked three times, had an interception and was strip-sacked just before the first half ended.
He finished the game with a passer rating of 39.9.

“I know this is killing him and he’s going to want to respond,” Ryan said of his starter.

But for all of Sanchez’s struggles, putting in Tim Tebow isn’t the answer, the coach said.

“Look, we’ve had some poor performances in the past, and not just from our quarterback, but from our team,” Ryan said. “And we’ve been whooped pretty good. But I’m confident we’ll come back. I’m confident we’ll respond and play much better. And that goes across the board. It’s the group on offense, it’s the group on defense – we have to get better.

“And I’m confident we will. Right now I can’t tell you the answers of how we’re going to get better, but that’s kind of why I wanted time with the coaches for these two days. We have to come up with solutions. Because we just keep repeating the same things, how can we expect the results to change.”  

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