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Rex's proposal

Head coach Rex Ryan, left, talks with Jets

Head coach Rex Ryan, left, talks with Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine during a June minicamp. Credit: Joe Epstein.

With the contract squabble between Darrelle Revis and the Jets getting a tad  ugly, Rex Ryan jumped into the fray Wednesday, saying that Revis' agents calling owner Woody Johnson a "blatant liar" was a "blatant joke to me." 

But he also offered  his own proposal to get a new deal done so the Jets can get back to life with their Pro Bowl cornerback.

"This is what I would like to have happen," Ryan said not long ago at his afternoon news conference. "Everybody put their cards on the table. Have Darrelle come here with anybody he wants, and we’ll have Mr. Johnson here. In fact, this is what I think we ought to do. This is the way I would handle it.

"We’ll call off practice. We’ll have our whole team there and me. That way, there’s no 'He said, she said'' or whatever. Just get the thing done and let’s work it that way. So let’s do this. Let’s bring him in. I’m inviting him to come in, Darrelle come in with everybody else, anybody he wants or as few or as many as he wants.

"We’ll have the whole team there, including our owner and the entire organization. Steve Yarnell, we’ll have Bruce [Speight, the team's PR director], we’ll have everybody there. And then that’s maybe how we’ll get a solution. Everybody wants a solution. So let’s figure a way to do it. Maybe this is the way."

Has Ryan made this suggestion to anyone?

"I'm making it right now," he said. "I know it’ll get to them.

Ryan admitted this whole ordeal is getting a wee bit bothersome.

"This part’s frustrating because when you are saying Mike Tannenbaum or you are calling out Woody Johnson ... C’mon. Let’s go. Put it out there, put it in front of everybody. You can negotiate."

Ryan even recalled sitting in on a meeting early in the offseason with Tannenbaum, Revis' agents Neil Schwartz and Jonathan Feinsod, and Ari Nissim of the Jets' football operations staff. 

"That was a rough five hours I spent," Ryan said. "Tannenbaum had me come in one time and I spent five hours with Neil and Jon and Tannenbaum and Ari. I was sitting back going, ‘You couldn’t pay me enough to be a general manager of a team. There’s no way.' It was frustrating for me and I was there for the one five-hour period. I almost quit." 

But he's not about to quit now, even with a team sans its best defender.

"Everybody knows what I think of Darrelle," Ryan said. "It would be much easier to win it with him, but it’s certainly not impossible to win without him."

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