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Rex talks movies & match-ups vs. Patriots

Jets head coach Rex Ryan speaks to the

Jets head coach Rex Ryan speaks to the media the day after his team lost the AFC Championship game. (Jan. 24, 2011) Credit: Joe Epstein

FOXBORO, MASS. -- Hard-pressed to begin Rex Ryan’s conference call on a newsy note, the Boston media couldn’t resist the urge to ask the chatty head coach about his role as a diehard, Belichick-bobblehead-toting Patriots fan in Adam Sandler’s upcoming film rumored to be titled, “I Hate You, Dad.”

“Initially I went in there and only had one line, but I dominated so much that they gave me several lines,” the affable Ryan joked. “As far as you guys know, that’s what happened. It was a lot of fun. They did have a billboard up there in the Boston area and I thought that could be trouble, so hopefully they took it down right after.”

Ryan said it was “a stretch” to play a Boston fan devoted to the Red Sox and Bill Belichick’s genius. “They had Red Sox stuff in there, Patriots stuff all over the place, they even had Bruins stuff in there. And quite honestly, I’m not a fan of any of those teams,” he said with a laugh. “But it was good though.”

Luckily, Ryan didn't draw his acting inspiration from Belichick’s cameo in the TV show “Rescue Me.”

“Maybe Jim Brown in the ‘Dirty Dozen’ or something," he said. "I thought he was tremendous."

And in case u were wondering what happened to the Belichick bobblehead movie prop....

“I think it got knocked over somehow and it broke into several pieces,” Ryan said. “No, I’m just kidding.”


Now onto the football stuff...

On Patriots’ recent struggles: “I think it’s funny, like, we’re saying that New England’s struggling. I think they had like 450 yards against us, (438) against the Giants. It’s not like this team is struggling. It’s just that they have turned the ball over a little bit. And in the Pittsburgh game, Pittsburgh had controlled the clock so much that it was hard to get on rhythm obviously because they weren’t out there. But this is one of the premier offenses in the league."

On Patriots’ decline in points per game: “Well. I hope that trend continues.”

Difference in Jets since they last faced the Patriots: “I just think we got back to playing our style of football. We’ve been a team that’s played good, solid defense, solid special teams and then the ability to run the football. I think that’s who we’ve been and that’s who we are. And I think we’ve gotten back to those roots.”

On Haynesworth’s release from Patriots: “To be honest with you, our concern wasn’t Albert Haynesworth. They've got a lot of big guys. Vince Wilfork is the bell cow in that front. Andrew Carter’s a pick-up they had, I think he’s playing well. Getting Mayo back -- he never played in our first game -- he’s a tremendous player. It wasn’t like we had to know where (Haynesworth) was at. He was just a big guy. ...I think the Kyle Love kid's underrated and then they got the big kid from Boston College (defensive end Ron Brace) back. Haynesworth does have some good ability and things like that, but he wasn’t a guy that we were absolutely concerned with.”

Wes Welker’s vulnerability at times, particularly against NYG S Antrel Rolle last week: “I don’t know about that. Maybe we need to trade for Antrel Rolle. But Welker, he can beat anybody in this league. He’s one of the best receivers in the game. Now, I’ll take my corner (Darrelle Revis) on him, because I think he's clearly the best in the league. But I think Welker, if he’s not the best receiver in the league, he’s certainly mentioned in the top 2 or 3 guys.”

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