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Rex: "We are the best team in NY"

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan yells during

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan yells during the second quarter against the Houston Texans. (Aug. 15, 2011) Photo Credit: AP

If you thought the long offseason had tempered Rex Ryan’s bravado or given him a fresh perspective on things -- you thought wrong.

During a conference call with local reporters Thursday evening, the Jets coach stood firm in his assertion that the Jets are the Giants' “big brother.”

“I guess we get to find out on Christmas Eve,” Ryan said.

His book, “Play Like You Mean It,” covered an array of topics, including the Jets-Giants rivalry. In it, Ryan wrote: “When people ask me what it’s like to share New York with the Giants, my response is always I am not sharing it with them - they are sharing it with me. Some people like to say the Giants are the big brother team and the Jets are the little brother team. I know it’s going to (tick) off every Giants fan to hear this, but here you go: I really don't care.”

And Ryan didn’t budge from that stance Thursday.

“I’m not backing down from one comment,” he said. “I believe we are the best team in New York. My goal is to be the best team in the National Football League, not just in New York. And I’m not backing down one bit from that statement. I believe that’ll be the case.”

During the conference call, a reporter brought up Justin Tuck’s comment about MetLife Stadium always being known as Giants Stadium to him.

Naturally, Ryan had this response:

“Well, he can think all he wants but I think of it as MetLife Stadium and it’s the home of the New York Jets,” the coach said. “I guess he can think of that way. He’ll probably be one of the only guys to think of it that way. I certainly don’t think of it that way.”


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