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Rex: 'We don't muzzle our guys'

Rex Ryan reacts as he coaches in a

Rex Ryan reacts as he coaches in a game against the Houston Texans at MetLife Stadium. (Oct. 8, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

Rex Ryan is a firm believer in free speech.

Even if he’s not entirely sure which Constitutional amendment (First, by the way), that right falls under.

When pressed about Tim Tebow’s hurt feelings following anonymous bashing by his teammates in a published report, the Jets coach maintained “we don’t muzzles on our guys” and that his organization is “a heck of a lot more positive than it is negative.”

Ryan, who took offense to the suggestion of a negative culture in his locker room, reiterated that he addressed the incident with his players Wednesday – the day the tabloid story ran.

“But any time something’s in the paper that’s said, sure, you’re going to be like, ‘Oh man,’” the coach said. “But at the same time, (Tebow) knows for maybe one comment here, there’s 50 other positive comments about him. And whether you choose to right them, or anybody else, that’s on you.

“But I know the way this football team is, and I know the ‘culture’ of this team -- as you want to refer to it – is a heck of a lot more positive than it is negative. It might be negative people outside of these walls in this organization.”

Ryan went on to say that the Jets may not be “perfect,” but “the one thing we are is honest.”

“We don’t put muzzles on our guys or anything else. Maybe it’s easy to say, ‘Well, that’s what you should do’ – well, that’s fine. But to me, I’ve never been a person like that. I believe in that guys have the right, covered by whatever Amendment that is. But, no, seriously, I know this team’s close. Whether people choose to right about it or talk about it, that’s up to them. Are we perfect? We’re never going to be perfect. Today, tomorrow or the next day or 20 years from now.”

The Jets coach also refused to comment on Shonn Greene’s comments in a Yahoo! Sports article published Wednesday night.

“I’m going to let Shonn handle that,” the coach said. “I’m just going to focus on this opponent." 


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