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Rex won't be pulling Sanchez

Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan

Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan Credit: Getty Images

Rex Ryan won't be giving Mark Sanchez the hook anytime soon, no matter how many mistakes the Jets’ franchise quarterback makes in a game.

“It's nothing against Mark Brunell,” Ryan said today, referring to the Jets’ 41-year-old back up signal-caller. “It's just this is our quarterback, and that's how I look at it. Whether it's a veteran quarterback, whoever is pushing him, I don't see taking Mark Sanchez out of a game. I don't see that.

“If we did put him out or pull him, would it be for a series, whatever? Maybe so, but I don't see myself ever taking Mark out of a game.”

This week, Ryan has tried the same psychological ploy he used on Sanchez last season, taking a few practice reps away from him and giving them to Brunell with hopes it will fire Sanchez up.

“We’ve always done it before,” offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer said today. “This is nothing new. We did it the first year, we did it last year. He’s not missing any major reps. I think the reps Brunell got today were reps Mark could do in his sleep. But I think it’s good for everybody. I think it’s good that we’re all held accountable. We realize that and I think Mark, when he is focused, he’s awfully good. So I think it’ll work. I think it’s been good.”

“He’s a competitive guy,” Schottenheimer added, “and I think he knows it’s his huddle. So I think it drives him. I think he’s a guy that it definitely drives. It worked last year. I think he has a good look on his face this week, a steely-eyed look if you will, so usually those are good signs for us.”

But with Ryan admitting there really isn’t a threat of him pulling Sanchez if he struggles and inserting Brunell instead, it’s somewhat hard to figure out exactly how taking a few snaps from Sanchez in practice could be a motivating thing.

“Obviously if it’s going super bad and things like that -- I mean, we never yanked Mark his rookie year and he threw five picks [vs. Buffalo],” Ryan said. “Tom Brady, they should have yanked Brady in New England because he did throw four picks once. But you feel great about the guy we have under center, there's no question about that. But I also think you do send a message that you know what, guys, ‘Hey, if we have to, we will do it.’

“There has to be that a little bit. But is it kind of empty? It probably is.”

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