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Run defense personal for Pouha, DeVito

We’ve been hunting around all week for an angle for the Jets to take. Rex likes Mike Tomlin so that’s out. The Jets don’t seem to dislike Ben Roethlisberger. And it isn’t like the Jets can even claim they want revenge on the Steelers, having beaten them last month.

But there are at least two guys who feel like they have something to prove against the Steelers on Sunday. Those would be defensive linemen Sione Pouha and Mike DeVito.

When the Steelers played against the Jets in December, they ran the ball up the middle very effectively. Their 146 rushing yards were the most the Jets allowed in any game this season and their 5.8 yards per carry were the second most. The Jets had gone into that game having kept seven of the last eight opponents under 4.0 yards per carry, so what the Steelers were able to do came as a shock.

“We take it personally,” Pouha said. “That’s what we get paid for. Not only that, but that’s what we take pride in … That’s our contribution to the defensive scheme and our contribution to the team as a whole. So when we feel that we’re the weak link in the chain, you do take it personally.”

Pouha said he found that his “technique was horrible” against the Steelers and that his reads were off. “Small issues that are fixable on my side,” he called them.

“Obviously for the guys up front, DeVito and I, we have to do a lot better job whether it’s scheme wise, technique, it needs to improve, period. No questions,” Pouha said. “I think I still have that taste in my mouth. It’s definitely still relevant, still alive, and growing on me.”


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