FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — “Stop being so greedy.”

It was a refrain Ryan Fitzpatrick heard repeatedly during his offseason away from the Jets. Fans from far and wide — from Wisconsin to New Jersey to Lake Tahoe and even his hometown of Gilbert, Arizona — told the 33-year-old quarterback to lower his asking price during the ongoing negotiations with the Jets’ front office.

“Everywhere I went, that was a topic of conversation,” Fitzpatrick said Saturday. “Some of them were trying to feel it out and, like, buddy me up to get the answer to what’s really going on with the situation.

“They wanted my agent’s number. Some of them were telling me I need to sign, ‘stop being so greedy.’ Everything in the book was thrown at me. But for the most part, people were pretty respectful about it.”

The two sides finally reached a deal Wednesday night, hours after the team reported for training camp. After months of contract talks, Fitzpatrick essentially agreed to a one-year, $12-million deal. The second year of the deal voids five days after the Super Bowl, the quarterback told reporters.

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