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Ryan on Revis: "Don't feel sorry for us"

Jets head coach Rex Ryan listens to a

Jets head coach Rex Ryan listens to a question from the media during a minicamp in Florham Park, N.J. (June 14, 2010) Credit: AP

CORTLAND — Jets brass' confidence regarding the chances of Darrelle Revis reporting to Training Camp  — and beginning the season on the field — hit a new low mid-day Tuesday.

Players within the Jets' secondary unit, including rookie Kyle Wilson and Dwight Lowery, hinted at the impending impossibility of Revis making it farther than Roscoe, N.Y., up to Cortland before the Jets depart.

Once again, in his daily press conference, today delayed to 12:45 p.m.  Rex Ryan turned his attention to the cornerbacks who are currently with the Jets in Cortland. 

The head coach said he is happy with what he has: Lowery and Wilson. Even if it conflicts with other comments he made Tuesday and has made throughout Training Camp.

"Don’t feel sorry for us," Ryan said. "We have everything we need here on defense."

When speaking of the Revis situation, Ryan, once again, brought up his own past as an assistant coach with the Baltimore Ravens as proof that he, and the current Jets coaching staff, can succeed without their star defensive player. Ryan spoke of the situations of the Baltimore Ravens' Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, as well as last year's loss of Jets nose tackle Kris Jenkins.

Said Ryan: "Ray Lewis was out ten games. The same year Ed Reed was out six games. I’ve been around a lot of great players (who have been out for extended periods of time)."

That is one thing Ryan and company have acknowledged while in Cortland. Despite Revis' failure to report, Ryan has not denied how important the cornerback is to the team. He is a star as good, if not better, than Jenkins, Reed and Lewis at the times of their respective leaves.

Ryan even went as far as elaborating about just who he was speaking of when mentioning a Jet who would be willing to kiss Revis if and when he showed up.


"I never mentioned my name, but you probably knew who we were talking about when I mentioned someone within the organization who would kiss (Revis)," Ryan said jokingly. "I don’t know what I would tell him. I don’t know if he would take my call or anything else. He hires people to negotiate, we have guys who do that for us. We could say hello to eachother I guess."

Ryan still has faith in Wilson and Lowery, though. Much faith. Tuesday afternoon, he said that faith has been bolstered due to the fact that Lowery and Wilson have approached the situation unselfishly.

Ryan himself described Lowery's showing at Tuesday morning's practice as poor. So poor that Ryan took the veteran cornerback with him to the weight room to speak with him. When asked by Newsday whether or not the poor practice hampered his expectations of Lowery made during the first week of camp — expectations Ryan described last week to Newsday as "not good, great" — Ryan once again praised the two cornerbacks he has in Cortland.

His feelings for them seem to stay the same. His feelings for that other cornerback are naturally a little more complex.

But Revis is missed. Missed enough for that potential kiss on the lips.

One guy, as Ryan knows, can mean a whole lot for his defense.

"I don't know much, but I do know one thing: we can call a defense," Ryan said. "We'll take what we have, and that's what we will do. One guy, obviously one guy: Ray Lewis, Ed Reed Kris Jenkins and Darrelle Revis.

"But this is about the unit."

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