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Ryan won't rule out Revis for Sunday, says he'll play if healthy

Darrelle Revis will be a game-time decision.

Darrelle Revis will be a game-time decision. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Rex Ryan left the door open, refusing to say he'll sit Darrelle Revis down for Sunday's matchup with the Broncos in Denver.

Revis said after the Jets' 29-20 win this morning that he began experiencing soreness in his left hamstring in the first quarter and wasn't 100 percent. He wasn't sure if he'd be able to play in five more days, saying he needs to practice "patience."

But even with that, Ryan wasn't ready to proclaim the Pro Bowl cornerback would be sidelined against the Broncos, preferring to take the wait-and-see approach.

"Hopefully, he’ll be ready to roll," he said at the team's Florham Park, N.J. training facility this afternoon. "But if not, we'll look at, again, what's in the best interest of him and the team."

Ryan mentioned the same thing that Revis did in the wee hours this morning, saying there was added swelling in Revis' left leg. He said Revis never approached him during the game to tell him about the soreness he was experiencing, never once thinking the All-Pro was hurting and wasn't going to be able to get the job done.

"No, in fact I was thinking about just the opposite -- put him on Percy [Harvin]," Ryan said. "Are there things we can do to move him and put him on Percy, because that Harvin kid was hurting us a little bit and I thought about challenging him more. You could see the two passes he did give up, the one touchdown to Harvin and then the one to [Greg] Lewis late in the game, that was when it was like, 'Darrelle plays better than that normally.'

"But hey look, he’s going to give up completions. Five years from now, Darrelle is gonna get beat for a touchdown. Now, it doesn't happen very often, that he's going to get beat for a touchdown. He’s going to give up completions, but his standard is set so high ... I want him to understand, 'Hey, breathe a little. You don't have to shut out every single person.'

"When I said last year he had the best year in the history of any corner in my opinion, I wasn't lying. I was just stating the facts. But he just needs to go play and we need to look at that. I hope he's healthy enough where he can keep going, but that's the thing I want Darrelle to know -- is have fun and play like you always do. He’s about as big a competitor as there is. So if he was sore during the course of the game, I certainly didn't know that."

So does Ryan think the Jets rushed Revis back?

"I certainly don't think so because we wouldn't have put him out there if we didn't think he wasn't healthy," Ryan said. "We thought he was healthy, ready to play and I think he was healthy and ready to play.

"It’s funny," Ryan continued, "because I know when we look at Darrelle, Darrelle played a decent football game. But for the standards of Darrelle Revis, let’s face it: If this was golf, we’d expect him to birdie every hole. That's the truth. Now, if he has a couple of pars and a bogey every now and then, 'What's wrong with Revis?' But hopefully this injury is not that big a deal. Hopefully, it’s just a natural thing that once you extend it yeah there’s gonna be some swelling and soreness.

"Hopefully he’ll be able to get through this and we’ll have him back up this week against Denver. But again, what we’ve always said -- and it's true, we will always do what's in the best interest of the football team and the player. That's the truth and I’ll stand by that and I’ll live by that. If any player would come up and say that they don't feel they can play, they’re not ready to play, then they would not play."

Ryan said the thought of forcing Revis to take a seat because of the rain-soaked conditions never crossed his mind once. 

"No, to be honest with you," he said, "because it wasn't a matter of testing it in my opinion. We had already tested it for three weeks. It was the fact that we were ready to go. That thought did not occur to me."

With a bye week coming on the heels of Sunday's game in the Mile High City, there's the added bonus of giving Revis an extra week to heal before he'd presumably return for the Jets' Halloween matchup with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

Ryan, though, didn't sound too keen on that idea.

"If he's healthy, we want to play Darrelle," Ryan said. "If he's healthy, it's not vacation time. It’s time beat to somebody. This is an AFC opponent and we need to win the game so we can get into the postseason. So that would be my thought. Is he gonna be better three weeks from now if we don't play him? I think that still has to be determined. I don't think we are there yet."


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