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Sabol: Revis not in tonight's episode of "Hard Knocks"

Steve Sabol, president of NFL Films, was on 1050 ESPN New York today with Jody McDonald and Brandon Tierney.

Sabol, whose NFL Films produces the "Hard Knocks" show for HBO, was asked about Darrelle Revis making an appearance on tonight's episode. On Tuesday, Tim Colishaw of the Dallas Morning News tweeted that Revis taped a television interview that would air on Wednesday. Of course, that led to wild speculation about a Revis interview appearing on tonight's show.

Not true, said Sabol. "No" was how Sabol responded when asked by McDonald whether Revis was on camera in tonight's show.

"There's so much fascinating material and so many interesting personalities and so much funny stuff that we got this week, we like to concentrate who's in camp and what's on the field," Sabol told McDonald and Tierney. "This week's episode really focuses a lot on Mike Westhoff. I think people are really going to get a kick out of the whole episode, which sort of focuses on the special teams."

Tierney questioned Sabol's comment that the show likes to focus on players on the field. Yet Revis, who hasn't reported to camp, was the focus of the first episode.

Sabol countered by saying that the Jets and Revis' camp recently agreed to a gag order on information pertaining to the contract talks. Plus, Sabol said the show doesn't want to effect the contract situation.

When asked about Colishaw's tweet and the reported interview with Revis, Sabol said he didn't have any information about it.

"It's not on 'Hard Knocks,' " Sabol said.

Sabol said the Nick Mangold contract signing, officially announced on Tuesday, would make tonight's show.

But if something happened with Revis today, it would not make the show, Sabol told McDonald and Tierney.

In terms of the ratings, Sabol said, "By far, the best ever." Sabol said the ratings for this season's show have doubled last season's ratings.

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