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Sanchez amazed by Tebowmania

Tim Tebow, left,Greg McElroy and Mark Sanchez, right,

Tim Tebow, left,Greg McElroy and Mark Sanchez, right, during training camp. (Aug. 1, 2012) Credit: Newsday/J. Conrad Williams, Jr.

Mark Sanchez is entering his fourth season in New York and has two deep playoff runs under his belt, but even he has been amazed at the level of attention focused on the Jets this summer.

"Other than us and Denver it’s like nobody else is playing right now, which is crazy," he said, evidently a reference to ESPN's multiple-day stays in Broncos and Jets camps. "Oh my God, there’s 30 other teams!

"That’s just the nature of this year and the kind of draw that Tim has and the kind of draw that Peyton Manning has. But that’s all on the outside. Once you step in between the lines we have to focus on the plays and what we’ve been studying and that’s really out of my head until we get off the field and laugh about it."

Does it surprise him that the Super Bowl champs, a mere two hours away in Albany, mostly have been ignored by the national media?

"It blows your mind; it blows your mind," he said. "It's crazy."

Might other teams resent all eyes being on the Jets?

"It’s been that way since I’ve come here," Sanchez said. "The New York Jets have gotten a lot of attention. Some teams like it, some don’t, some don’t even care. But that’s something that you just learn to live with."

Sanchez was asked how this camp compares to the "Hard Knocks" summer of 2010.

"It's pretty similar but you know Tim brings a lot," he said. "He brings a lot of fans and media. It’s like a cult following. You’d think the Grateful Dead are playing here or something."

Sanchez said he admires how Tebow handles it all. "He does well. He does really well. And they’re for the most part great people. They come out and support us and him so it’s been fun for all of us."

While Tebow has plenty of fans here, the crowds also have been generally supportive of Sanchez.

"I’m trying not to have rabbit ears but in between reps you hear guys giving you some praise," he said. "Either they’re just being really nice or I’m improving."

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