48° Good Morning
48° Good Morning

Sanchez, Big Ben and green M&Ms

Good morning, Jets fans! I'm back in Florham Park, listening to Phil Simms on a CBS conference call and plotting my hunt for more green and white Jets M&Ms.

Here is a column I wrote for the Thursday paper about Mark Sanchez (and Ben Roethlisberger).

It's just part of another batch of high quality Jets coverage from Team Newsday.

In non-Newsday content I found interesting, here is a piece from Sandomir of the Times on the Polo Grounds, the Titans/Jets first home.

Finally, here is a tidbit I will be using for a story in Friday's paper that I offer as a special bonus preview for our loyal readers:

In the past 14 seasons, the Giants have edged the Jets in average local TV rating seven times. The Jets have beaten the Giants six times, including 2010. They tied once.

Surprised it's been that close? I was.

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