FLORHAM PARK, N.J. - Rex Ryan rattled off everyone on the injury report, citing names that have been on there for the better part of the week.

Then the Jets' first-year coach slipped another name in there, one that briefly raised a few eyebrows - until he fully explained. Yes, Mark Sanchez's name was included for the first time in his brief career, no doubt raising a small level of concern among a fan base that believes the franchise is cursed.

But relax. Step away from the ledge, Jets fans. "San-chize" is perfectly fine. There's nothing wrong with him. So although he has a touch of tendinitis in his right knee, don't worry. Really.

He didn't miss a moment of practice Thursday, and when the Jets (2-0) line up for their first offensive snap in Sunday's game with the Titans (0-2) at the Meadowlands, he'll be the one barking the signals.

"It's just like a little tendinitis," Ryan said. "It's not that big of a deal, but he has something. I don't know how to describe it [other than] just to say it's a little tendinitis. But he's fine. He fully participated, moved around great. We're making sure we're looking after him."

And they're making sure they don't have to shell out another cool $125,000 anytime soon. After literally getting into a fine mess last week with the Brett Favre injury fiasco - the NFL slapped the Jets, their general manager and their former coach with an amount totaling that hefty fine for not listing Favre on the injury report - it's obvious the organization has learned its lesson and isn't about to leave open the possibility of facing more disciplinary action regarding an injury report.

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Favre, who the other day said he thought the amount of fines that were handed out was "very unfair," tore his biceps tendon with about four or five games left in the 2008 season. The Jets never listed him on the report, so they've apparently made sure they don't make that same mistake again.

Right, Rex?

"Make sure he's on that list; I don't mean anything by that," Ryan said, drawing laughs from reporters after everything that went down with Favre. "It's just a little thing, so we're going to put him on there."

Actually, the Jets have loaded down their injury report since Favre outed them, listing players who have the smallest boo-boos. Wide receiver Wallace Wright (hamstring), linebacker Bryan Thomas (ankle) and second-string quarterback Kellen Clemens (right elbow) have been on the report since the opening week, but the Jets' current injury report looks more like a laundry list.


There are 10 players listed with various injuries who were full participants in practice Thursday, including Sanchez. But the smallest thing regarding the quarterback can cause quite a stir because people just can't get enough of the new $50-million man in town.

"He's fine. I never pay attention to the injury reports," offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer said, adding with a laugh: "I guess I probably should now. Mark is fine. He will play."