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Sanchez optimistic about shoulder

Quarterback Mark Sanchez calls plays during the AFC

Quarterback Mark Sanchez calls plays during the AFC title game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Jan. 23, 2011) Credit: Newsday/Thomas A. Ferrara

Mark Sanchez had offseason surgery a year ago, undergoing a procedure to stabilize the patella tendon in his left knee.

Will he have to go that route again and repair anything inside what's still being termed a sore right shoulder?  

"I'll still talk to the doctors about it," the second-year quarterback said while standing in front of his locker this afternoon. "We did our exit physicals and they are thrilled about the progress I've made in the last couple of weeks. Things are pointing in the right direction, as if there was something different, I think it would have declined. Things could have gotten worse. I wouldn't have been able to practice. If anything, it just got better. That's a good sign.

Sanchez said he doesn't have anything set up yet with Dr. James Andrews and didn't seem like he had any immediate plans to meet with the world-renowned orthopedic surgeon based out of Birmingham. Ala. 

"Last year, it was definitely something that needed to be looked at, kind of hands on," he said. "This is something that can be looked at through an MRI or X-Ray, so we'll see what happens."

Even though getting checked out by Dr. Andrews might be out of the question, that doesn't mean Sanchez won't seek to visit a few others physicians.

"[I'll] Talk to the doctors, get a couple of opinions on it, try to get it looked at and we'll take it from there," Sanchez said. "I'm optimistic about everything and hopefully nothing needs to be done. A little rest and I'll be ready to go again."  

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