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Sanchez was not 'rattled' by Tebow, says Rex

Jets quarterbacks Mark Sanchez, left, and Tim Tebow

Jets quarterbacks Mark Sanchez, left, and Tim Tebow workout during NFL football practice in Florham Park, N.J. (May 31, 2012) Credit: AP

A day after Santonio Holmes offered up Mark Sanchez's (supposed) intimate thoughts for public consumption, Rex Ryan offered a far different take of his quarterback's emotional state in the aftermath of the Tim Tebow trade.

The Jets coach contradicted Holmes' interpretation of Sanchez's mood following the blockbuster trade, saying that he didn't think Sanchez was rattled at all by the news.

"I can't tell you how happy I've been with Mark," Ryan continued. "After the season I think he was just like the rest of us, and myself included. You're hurt, you can't wait to get back at it. That's what he did. He's the guy that went out to see Chad Pennington, he's the guy that grasped this offense better than anybody else. From a physical standpoint, he had to push all of those weights, nobody else. His motivation is much more than having Tim here or having other things. He's a competitor number one. He wants to be great and I think he's making strides to be that quarterback that we want here." 

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