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Sanchez: We need all our guys back

Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez Credit: Getty Images

Mark Sanchez stopped by the NFL Network – because really, what else does he have to do during the lockout? – and chatted about a few things including a couple of players whom he may or may not be throwing the football to once the season begins.

Asked if Jets free agent wide receivers Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards and Brad Smith can all be re-signed by the Jets, Sanchez said:

“I honestly do. I think that’s what Mike Tannenbaum does best and he’s the best GM in football. Mr. [Woody] Johnson, that’s part of his job. And Rex, that’s keeping all of us together. He wants the offense to run smooth, he wants us to pick up where we left off and to do that, we need all of our guys back. I think that would be the best-case scenario.”

Later, in an off-camera interview with the network, Sanchez was asked about speculation that Randy Moss could be in the Jets’ plans. He didn’t exactly give the type of ringing endorsement a player gives when he really wants someone to join his team.

“Whoever they bring in they obviously assume will help our team,” Sanchez said. “We’re trying to bring in guys with good attitudes who are excited to play ball. If that’s what Randy is all about, it would be fun for all of us. We’ll see what happens.”

“You saw him early in the season last year play really well,” Sanchez added. ”He’s been great with Tom Brady, and has a lot of big-game experience. I’m sure he still has some big catches left in him. Any type of deep threat like that in a big, tall target is always a good addition for your team.”

Also covered by Sanchez:

On his development as an NFL quarterback: ““I think things are coming along well. I think I’m fortunate enough to be on a very good team to help my development early. But right now, the name of this game and this next season – the third year, fourth year, fifth year coming up – is just being more consistent. We talked on [The Rich Eisen] podcast about rookie year going through a slump towards the middle part of the year. This past season going through two games – the Patriots Monday Night game and then the Dolphins game right after that – we lost two in a row where I wasn’t really myself after that Patriots game. I let it get to me a little more than I should of, and those are the kinds of things, growing pains you learn these first couple of years playing. Now it’s about getting rid of those negative emotions, moving [on] and getting ready to play each and every week and staying consistent. The best part, I think about my game personally has been the playoff performances, knowing that it’s win or go home. We’ve done it just about every time, except for two tough ones. Those are the ones that will keep you up at night and the ones that keep you fighting to keep playing. But I think things are coming along well and it’s another year I’m excited to make another step.”

On the workouts he organized in California: “[I had] one of my playbooks from last season that I just hung on to, and I have all of my notes in there. Made photocopies of it, gave it to the guys that were there. My high school coach Bob Johnson was nice enough to facilitate the entire event, from the field to the classroom to go over film from my computer that I’ve had for a year now with all of the film from the first two seasons. … Just installed everything. We did it five days in a row so we wanted to make sure that guys got the right amount of work in, we get in the film room, we install the plays, watch it. Watch the plays from last year, correct some things from last year and then we went out onto the field and we ran a full two-minute drill, we ran routes versus air and then we did some individual stuff. Had plenty of fun along the way so it was exactly what we needed from an offensive skill standpoint and now it’s moving on to getting the whole team together. That will be sometime next month.”

On Rex Ryan’s Super Bowl predictions: “It’s the same expectations we have, so I think it marries up perfectly. It’s what we want, it’s what we’re working for, whether we’re at Jets West or at training camp. He’s the best coach to play for. He doesn’t hide anything, he’s brutally honest. He’ll let you know when you play well, when you play poorly and he lets everyone know what you’re goals are. Just like if you have a goal on your own and you keep it to yourself, you’re the only one who can hold yourself accountable. Well now, you tell somebody, ‘Hey I’ll be there to pick you up at 5 PM when you’re done with school,’ like my dad used to say, he’s accountable to me now. So when he says that to other people, we’re accountable. That’s fine.”

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