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Seahawks' Sherman not backing down from Revis

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman talks with New

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman talks with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady after their game on Oct. 14, 2012. Credit: AP

INDIANAPOLIS -- Forget a chip -- Richard Sherman has a boulder on his shoulder.

Sounding every bit like Rodney Dangerfield, the Seahawks cornerback said Wednesday on "NFL AM" that he's still not getting the respect he deserves. And his Twitter war Tuesday with Darrelle Revis is the latest example. 

A day later, Sherman wasn't backing down from his comments about the Jets star cornerback, whom he exchanged insults with on Twitter. Seattle general manager John Schneider said he sees nothing wrong with their social media feud -- or Sherman's confidence. "It's what makes him who he is," Schneider said. "That is one of the reasons we fell in love w him. He feels like he's best cornerback in the league. God bless him." 

Here's a transcript of Sherman's take on his Twitter beef with Revis:

On the confrontation with Darrelle Revis on Twitter yesterday:
“He came off disrespectful, so words need to be said. Apparently, he is going to disrespect my game. I don’t know what he has done - stats wise - to earn the right to talk down to people. He has never had more than six [interceptions] in a season so let’s quiet down.”

On why he involves himself in a situation with Revis:
“Because I am not going to let no dude talk like a little girl and just walk freely. I am going to quiet him down the best way I know how…It is about respect. You are not going to let a guy run his mouth, I am not that kind of person [to] let a guy say bold statements and let them ride. It is not who I am and who I am not going to be.”

On why the confrontation begin with Revis:
“I had no ill will towards him at all. We were having a casual conversation, I didn’t say anything disrespectful. He didn’t play this year, so it was a truthful statement, and he took it the wrong way and went there so I had to shoot back.”

On what is more important, respect on the field or respect publically:
“Both. I want it all. I want both kinds of respect. I don’t want disrespect off the field or on the field.”

On what criteria says he is a better cornerback than Revis:
“Impact – in terms of making plays - force fumbles, picks, sacks, changing the game. Shutting down a side of the field changes the game to a point – I do it from time to time – but you don’t make the same kind of impact that you do when you have [interceptions], force fumbles, and create turnovers.”

On the argument that a real shut-down cornerback doesn’t get thrown at by the quarterback:
“If you really check the stats, there is nobody that quarterbacks don’t throw at. When you get 17, 24, 29 pass defenses in a season, they have thrown at you, you just haven’t picked the ball off.”

On if part of his own motivation is he feels disrespected around the league:
“Oh definitely. I am always going to feel like that regardless… I went in the fifth round. It seems like even when you do prove yourself – [Revis] didn’t play the whole season and people still think he is better – that is as disrespectful as it gets.”

On if he is hurting his own image by being involved in numerous spats:
“At the end of the day, I am an All-Pro… first team. No matter what.. that is what they are going have to say first, whether they want to or not.”

On why he has been involved in numerous spats with other players:
“I think it is about those guys. I didn’t initiate… all I am doing is responding… That is the common thing about all these situations but you can pin it how you are going to pin it.”

On why he would respond on social media and not on the field:
“That is where [Revis] put it. Wherever the forum was that he was going to play this little game, I was going to step into it. The play on the field does speak for itself but when there is a situation that is conflict then the forum is going to be what it is. It just happened to be Twitter this time.” 

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