Are people dissing the Jets' D?

When most people think of the Jets – especially this year, under this coach – they think of one word: Defense. The Jets finished the season with the top unit in the NFL and have clamped down on most of their opponents in the past month. If the Jets have a chance of beating the Chargers on Sunday, most agree that it will be on the strength of their ability to stop the San Diego offense.

So it seemed a little strange when Shaun Ellis complained about the Jets defense being overlooked and under-appreciated. But he stuck to his assessment.

“I heard some quotes that we have a bunch of journeymen,” Ellis said of a TV report he recently saw. “One reporter said he couldn’t name one guy on defense other than Darrelle Revis and Kris Jenkins. Those types of things are a slap in the face.”

Ellis said he thinks the play speaks for itself.

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“You turn the tape on and the way we play within this defense, you have to do a lot of things,” he said. “You have to be versatile. You have to sacrifice your role sometimes … It’s one of those things where we all play with one another. The things that we’ve accomplished throughout the season, for them to go unnoticed, it’s kind of discouraging a little.”

After 10 solid, steady years in the NFL, though, Ellis is no stranger to being an afterthought.

“Me personally, I’m used to that,” he said. “That’s been my whole career. We’re where we are for a reason. And there’s no better way to go out and prove it and make a statement than this game right here.”