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Shonn Greene: I wasn't calling for Mark Sanchez to be replaced

Shonn Greene reacts after scoring a touchdown during

Shonn Greene reacts after scoring a touchdown during a game against the New England Patriots. (Oct. 21, 2012) Photo Credit: Getty Images

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Running back Shonn Greene denied Thursday that he called for Tim Tebow to replace Mark Sanchez as the Jets' quarterback after he was quoted as saying just that in an Internet column on Wednesday.

"What the quotes were was completely out of context," Greene said. "What I said was, 'We're 3-6 and things need to change.' I said nothing about changing quarterback, nothing about any single person on this team. I've been here four years. I've never once said anything about anybody on this team."

On Wednesday, Greene was quoted by Yahoo! Sports as saying: "Something's got to change. When you get to the point where you're 3-6, and losing and losing, a couple of guys are like, 'Oh, what would happen?' But guys at the same time have faith in Mark, so it's kind of an up-and-down thing. You feel bad for Mark, but at the same time, you want to win games. We're not here to protect people's feelings. If you want to win games, you've got to try something. If somebody's not getting the job done, you see if somebody else can do it. It's the same with coaching, or any position. You don't mean to belittle someone . . . That's just the harsh reality."

Greene said he texted Sanchez to give the quarterback his version of events.

The entire week has been a he-said, he-said for the Jets, beginning with the published report on Wednesday in which anonymous Jets personnel ripped Tebow.

"First you get [Wednesday] and now [Thursday] with me," Greene said, "and then it's just like, 'C'mon, really?' We just want to play football."

Michael Silver, the writer for the website Yahoo! Sports, said on WFAN that he quoted Greene accurately but did not tape the interview. Greene said he thought he was being interviewed for a story about himself.

"The article was supposed to be on me," he said. "It was supposed to be a feature on me and where I'm at right now. And how it turned into me saying this about this person and that person, I don't know."

Greene wasn't the only Jets player denying something Thursday. Cornerback Antonio Cromartie denied being one of the sources for the Tebow-bashing story. Former Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson pointed the finger at Cromartie and linebacker Bart Scott on his radio show.

"I heard it, but I have no response for a retired player," Cromartie said. "If I say something, I put my name to anything I want to say. I really don't care if I hurt anybody's feelings. That's not me and for me to sit here and say I'm going to talk about a teammate. If I'm going to talk about a teammate, I'm going to tell him personally. I'm not going to get into the media and say I'm anonymous. I'm not that type of cowardly person."

Scott also has denied being a source for the anti-Tebow story.

Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine threw his two cents in when he said, "As a defense, we fully support Tim."


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