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Stephen Hill on facing Darrelle Revis: 'amazing'

New York Jets wide receiver Stephen Hill catches

New York Jets wide receiver Stephen Hill catches a pass during training camp. (July 28, 2012) Credit: Newsday/J. Conrad Williams, Jr.

I had an opportunity to stand in the general vicinity of Stephen Hill, the Jets' rookie receiver, after practice Saturday and stick a digital recorder near his mouth to preserve what he said.

He seemed quite tall, and personable. Early in camp he has impressed coaches and teammates with his considerable upside, highlighted by a nice catch against Darrelle Revis on the first day of practice Friday.

The Jets certainly could use him to have a big rookie season and fill some of the tall receiver role played last year by Plaxico Burress.

Here are some things he said that I have transcribed for you:

On his confidence level: "Definitely, you have to come out here with confidence. Not with a big head, of course, but definitely with a lot of confidence."

On facing Revis: "Oh, it's amazing. You're going against the best. As you go against the best you're sharp to be the best also."

On biggest challenge of camp: "The hardest part is making sure you know everything and are paying attention to detail. The defense disguises a lot of coverages, and especially going against Coach Rex Ryan's defense this is really hard. But I'm learning a whole lot."

On the fast tempo of practices: "At first it was kind of hard, especially coming in as a rookie but as the days go on I’m definitely picking it up . . . Basically it's not what you’re doing on the field, it’s what you’re doing off the field, making sure your body is kept up right and making sure you stretch a lot."

On whether he talks trash with Revis: "Oh, a little bit, but afterward he tells me a lot of things to step up my game."

On advice he got from Keyshawn Johnson, a fellow tall receiver who was in camp for ESPN Friday: "He was actually saying since I’m that big wide receiver go out there and play physical. You have to play low but you’re big and corners don’t like that, being physical and things like that."

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