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Surprise! Jason Taylor expecting boos ... again

Jason Taylor talks to media after practice

Jason Taylor talks to media after practice at the Jets locker room in Florham Park, New Jersey. (Jan. 13, 2011) Credit: Joel Cairo

Jason Taylor is part of the enemy once again, and he knows what will happen come Monday when the Dolphins take on the Jets at MetLife Stadium.

“I’m sure I’ll be booed. I’m sure I’ll be booed," the linebacker said this afternoon on a conference call. "I was booed for a lot of years in that stadium or in that town … it’s a new stadium but booed for a lot of years in that town, and I tried to do my best to make them cheer last year. "

"But being back on the other side of the coin now, I’m sure I’ll get my fair share of boos, which is to be expected. They’re Jet fans, and they should be and they’re very passionate about their team. And that’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

Taylor, who started five of 16 games with the Jets a season ago and recorded 36 combined tackles and five sacks, had interest in returning to the Jets after the lockout was lifted in July. Miami came calling, however, and there was no way Taylor, who spent 12 of his four seasons prior to the 2011 campaign with the Dolphins, was going to turn down another shot to play in South Florida.

"It came as a surprise so I was looking forward to getting an opportunity to go back to New York and have the chance to talk to those guys once the lockout ended. But things worked out here and it fits.”

Still, he enjoyed his one season with the Jets.

“I did," he said. "I had a great time and there are always some people in Miami that don’t want to hear [it], but the fact of the matter is I enjoyed myself last year. We had a good bit of success. Didn’t go quite as far as we would have liked but the journey was a lot of fun and I got to play for, I kind of got a chance to play and walk in the shoes of another man so to speak and see it from the other side and had a really good time and kind of changed some of the perspective I had on what the Jets were all about.”

That's why he's thinks the Jets' offense isn't going to flounder for long.

"They’ll be all right," he said. "Sometimes things don’t click quite as fast as people would like but they’ll be fine. They’ve got the players. The talent to do it. Very, very good coaches. Very knowledgeable coaches on both sides of the ball so they’ll be fine. Like I said, the talents there, the quarterbacks there. They’ll be just fine.”

He feels the same way about some saying the Jets are desperate, calling Monday's game a "must win" for the Jets.

"The word desperation kind of gets thrown around too easily," he said. "It’s not desperation. You understand being in the moment. The moment right now calls for you to win the next game. You can’t, either team, whether it be the Jets or the Dolphins, you can’t worry about week 7, week 10, week 12. The next time we play the Patriots, [is] the next time we play the Patriots. You can’t worry about all of that. So there’s no desperation.

"It’s urgent. A sense of urgency is one thing. An intense focus on the moment at hand. The game at hand is one thing and that’s kind of where both teams need to be at and I’m sure, they’ve got, like I said, they’ve got fantastic coaches and their head coach is one of the best, and he knows. I’ve been around it for one season, the way he handles the team and his approaches that is that. It’s the urgency of the moment. It’s not desperation.

"There’s no reason to be desperate. You start being desperate you do things outside of yourself. You start to take too many risks. You end of making mistakes because you’re playing with desperation. You don’t need to do that. Have that sense of urgency and trust me, we fully anticipate that they will have that sense of urgency in focus and we’re going to have the same thing.” 


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