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Terry Bradshaw to Sanchez: Chill with the celebrity stuff

Mark Sanchez on the September 2011 cover of

Mark Sanchez on the September 2011 cover of GQ Magazine. Credit: GQ

It takes a quarterback to know a quarterback.

Despite his nearly 30 years as a TV analyst, Terry Bradshaw is a football player first. And for that reason, he can't help but want to see Mark Sanchez succeed in an unprecedented situation.

Bradshaw, a four-time Super Bowl winner and co-host of FOX NFL Sunday, still is blown away by the focus that still centers on backup quarterback Tim Tebow.

"He is a Wildcat guy, he's a running back. Why is he a focus here?" he said during his weekly WFAN radio spot Tuesday morning. "That's what you created. It’s about Sanchez and that’s where it should be...

"I'll be disappointed if Mark doesn't continue to play well. I sense a different guy, don't you? Don't you sense him to be a little bit stung by all this? I think his attitude is: "I'll show your a--. I'll show you.' And that's exactly how he should be."

But Bradshaw believes in order for Sanchez to sustain success this season, the starting quarterback must remember he's an athlete first.

"Hey man, cool it with the celebrity stuff," Bradshaw said, offering the Jets signal-caller some unsolicited advice. "Just chill, man."

Sanchez has been the talk of the town of late -- especially in the entertainment sections of the New York tabloids. After the Jets' 48-28 win over the Bills, he was spotted at a Manhattan restaurant with rumored girlfriend, actress Eva Longoria. The next night, he was accompanied in the city by a pair of Jets' Flight Crew cheerleaders.

"Your career is very short. And bust your butt to be the best quarterback you can be," Bradshaw continued. "The shirt thing and all of that, and the coolness, that's all Broadway Joe. And that's fine and dandy if that's who you are and that's what you want. But to each his own. Focus on the game of football and the concentration level has to be at an all-time high."

He said the same goes for Giants slot receiver-turned author, Victor Cruz, who -- after going on a media tour this past offseason to promote their Super Bowl win and his new book -- began the 2012 season with three drops in Wednesday's loss to Dallas.

Bradshaw, a former Steelers quarterback, also said it's imperative Sanchez gets past "the Tebow thing" -- an immense distraction the TV analyst labeled as "uncalled for" and "unnecessary."

Bradshaw speculated the Jets' reasoning for bringing in Tebow was two-fold. The team, according to him, "sensed Mark needed a kick in the butt from a challenger and they knew that (Tebow) would be a fan favorite. And they wanted to see if (Sanchez) could indeed respond and react to it in a positive way -- which he did. Which is a great sign. I don't think the Tebow thing is going to be an issue."

Sanchez shot down Santonio Holmes' interpretation this week that he was "rattled" by the Tebow trade. And the quarterback's performance on the field Sunday showed it too.

No one saw the offense's 48-point output coming -- especially Bradshaw, who said the Jets had a "horrible" preseason, in which "nothing excited was going on."

"I've always been of the mindset that you can't turn the switch to your car and just have it fully warmed up and ready to go," he said. "That's what preseason is for. But not to score a touchdown, the offense looked so ragged, and you guys are waiting on the Wildcat, or whatever they want to call that thing up there. That didn't do any good. What'd (Tebow) have? Eleven yards out of five carries? Wasn't much." 


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