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Tidbits 'n quick hits from the locker room

Mark Sanchez throws the ball prior to a

Mark Sanchez throws the ball prior to a game against the Miami Dolphins. (Sept. 23, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

Quarterback Mark Sanchez

Do you look at your stats? “I don’t know if it’s necessarily my stats. I always look at third down [conversion] percentage, then I look at my numbers on third down. Where did I go wrong and how could I improve? If it’s the run game, then 33 rushes for 88 yards or whatever we had last week. Did I put us in any plays that we weren’t supposed to be in? Is there anything I could’ve checked to? How did I hurt that? How can I improve? That’s really where I look at my stats. But overall, comparing them to this guy and that guy, I don’t do that.”

Are you bothered by the 50.5 completion percentage? “Of course, you’d like to complete more balls. There’s a few on third [down] and some on first and second where we weren’t as efficient as we wanted to be. I missed a few on first-and-10 when we really needed completions. Come back on second-and-10 and that puts your coordinator in a box. Those are the completions you want back and we get a couple more catches out of these guys.”

Wide receiver Santonio Holmes

On drawing holding, illegal contact and pass-interference penalties on defensive backs: “I honestly don’t like ‘em. But I know it helps the team out. Any moment when you’re catching the ball in the end zone and then you get a flag thrown, you don’t want that running back to be on the 1-yard line and steal your touchdown. I’m sorry, but I don’t get excited about that. I’m excited for the team but, me, personally, I’d rather make that catch in the end zone.”

“If we can keep stats on penalties per game [for each] player, I think those yards would add up. If we could add ‘em to our receiving yards,” he said with a laugh… “They really do add up.”

What’s been the key to yours and Mark Sanchez’s improving rapport? “Three years has been a long time running together and you have a better understanding of how things can be done on both ends. Whether he’s placing the ball outside with a defender playing me inside or he’s throwing it low when the defender is coming to make a tackle. He’s getting a better feel of how I play the game and how we should play together.”

Cornerback Antonio Cromartie

Do you expect any schematic changes in the defense with Darrelle Revis out? “Our game plan is not going to change. We have enough faith in Kyle Wilson and Ellis Lankster. I don’t think we’ll change anything we do… Everybody just has to step up and we have to win our one-on-one battles. And we have to make tackles.”

Backup QB Tim Tebow

As someone who has multiple roles on the team, your thoughts on Joe McKnight becoming a cornerback: “Joe’s very talented and he’s someone that is a playmaker and he showed that in practice today. He had three interceptions. I think he feels comfortable. I think he’ll be able to adjust and be a big-time corner.”

Going into the season, did you expect to be more involved in the offense or for the Wildcat to be used more often?  “I didn’t know what to expect. I just wait until my number is called and try to help the team.”

Can the Jets emulate what the Vikings did against the 49ers: “They made some big plays and did some things well. They stayed patient throughout the game and every now and then found a big play and I think that was key. So for us, it’s going to be about being patient and finding ways to move the chains and stay on the field.”

The controversial call to end the Packers/Seahawks game on Monday Night Football: “You can see it both ways. Throughout the game, calls were being made on both sides. You can definitely see it from the Packers’ point of view. But I don’t know exactly the rule. But I guess it’s a tough situation. You just have to deal with it the best you can and move on.”

Offensive guard Brandon Moore

The running game managed just 88 yards on 33 carries on Sunday. What can be done to improve it? “It’s the same approach, just try to clean up some things technique-wise. Hopefully this will be the week that it gets done. Of course, this is a tough team to do that against."

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