WICHITA, Kan. -- Wichita State's men's basketball team got an unexpected new fan when they arrived home after their latest NCAA Tournament victory.

A plane carrying Jets quarterback Tim Tebow was refueling in Wichita when the Shockers' bus arrived Sunday after their upset win over top-seeded Gonzaga. Tebow's representative asked coach Gregg Marshall if the Heisman Trophy winner could talk to the team.

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Wearing a pink sweater over a tie and untucked shirt, Tebow got on the team bus, grabbed a microphone and told the players their surprising run to the Sweet 16 is something they will remember for the rest of their lives, regardless of what they do in the future. He congratulated them and said they were an inspiration.

"Some of you might go play in the NBA or you might have great lives. But this is the time you will remember,'' Tebow said. "All of you all together . . . training together, putting in the heart and sweat, everything, caring about each other. You'll never forget it, guys.''

The team then headed to Koch Arena, where thousands of fans had gathered to greet the team. The Shockers play La Salle on Thursday night in Los Angeles.

Watch video of Tebow speaking to Wichita State players below.