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Todd Bowles admits being bothered by Isaiah Crowell's endorsement deal

Isaiah Crowell has not practiced yet this week,

Isaiah Crowell has not practiced yet this week, so his status for Sunday could hinge on participating in Friday's practice. Credit: Lee S. Weissman/Lee S. Weissman

Isaiah Crowell set a Jets record with 219 yards rushing Sunday. Earlier in the week, he was in Todd Bowles’ dog house.

Bowles admitted on ESPN Radio’s The Michael Kay Show that he was unhappy that Crowell signed an endorsement deal with DudeWipes, a flushable toilet paper substitute.

Crowell got the deal for a crude touchdown celebration in Cleveland. Bowles was disgusted with the celebration and unhappy with Crowell’s new deal.

“It bothers you,” Bowles said. “If you know about it, you try and talk to them beforehand but you can’t control a player’s endorsement off the field and what they do on their day off. It’s not like you can suspend him if you don’t like their sneaker brand.

“You try to discourage him from that. But if they do it without speaking with you. There’s really nothing you can do. You can chastise and tell them it was wrong but then you have to move on. We have to move on from that. We understand it wasn’t the greatest thing to do.”

Bowles guaranteed last week that Crowell would never do that type of celebration again. When Crowell scored on a 77-yard touchdown run Sunday, he just flipped the ball away.

After inking the deal and posting a picture of himself holding the DudeWipes next to a toilet, Crowell said he didn’t mean any disrespect to Bowles or anyone in the organization.

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