Todd Bowles is sticking with his quarterback and his coaching staff.

“We have a good plan in place, we have a good staff in place,” he said on a conference call Monday, less than 24 hours after the Jets lost their third straight game. “Our players, for the most part, are playing tough football right now. It’s just a matter of making some critical changes in the second half as far as making plays. I don’t feel there’s a need to change right now.”

But Sunday’s 31-13 loss at Pittsburgh dropped Bowles’ team to 1-4, and the collective patience of Jets Nation is wearing thin. The record is only a part of the problem, though. It’s how the Jets are losing each week.

The same issues repeatedly crop up: poor in-game management, questionable offensive play-calling, secondary breakdowns and second-half collapses.

Bowles’ decision to punt on fourth-and-2 near midfield with 7 1⁄2 minutes left and the Jets trailing by 11 provided the best material for second-guessers.

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Asked Monday if he felt any differently about his decision to punt, Bowles said: “No, it’s the same.”

But while the second-year head coach may have cost himself the support of some of the team’s fans, he hasn’t lost his locker room, quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said.

“I thought Todd had a great message last week,” he said. “He’s a very respected guy in this building, and part of that is his experience as a player and part of it is what he’s done as a football coach. We really respect and appreciate him and his message. I think he has the proper perspective on things, and that’s helpful for us as a team.”