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35° Good Morning

Tom Jackson flips, then flops

Good morning, Jets fans! T-minus five days and counting.

To get you through the next little while, here is our daily collection of quality Jets-related content, including Glauber's chat with Joe Namath and my column about how the Jets view Ben Roethlisberger.

The latter includes Trevor Pryce's startling revelation that Big Ben once returned to a game against the Ravens despite having, um, lost his head after a hit by Bart Scott.

The sports media really should have done a better job covering that story at the time!

Glauber's back pager on Namath wasn't Newsday's only exclusive of the day. 

We also had one on the front page today: this story of an LI Jets fan and his son, who roots for the Steelers.

When she was younger, my eldest daughter rooted for the Packers. A colleague even bought a cheesehead for her at Lambeau during the 1997-98 playoffs.

She is less interested in the NFL these days, other than for fantasy league purposes.

Monday night she told me the name Bill Belichick rang a bell because she had heard me mention it around the house. She assumed he was a fellow sportswriter. Sigh.

My favorite story this morning is this one from USA Today.

On Sunday, ESPN analyst Tom Jackson picked the Patriots to beat the Jets.

On Monday, he said he really thought the Jets would win, but was trying to motivate them to do so by picking against them

On Tuesday, he said he really did think the Patriots would win in the first place.

Playoff fever!

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