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Tricky Nick: Mangold "50-50" on minicamp

The New York Jets center Nick Mangold (74)

The New York Jets center Nick Mangold (74) talks with head coach Rex Ryan during practice. (January 20, 2010) Credit: Newsday/Joe Epstein

Nick Mangold may be at next week's mandatory three-day minicamp. Then again, he may not.

The Pro Bowl center, scheduled to earn $3.3 million in the final year of a five-year deal, is currently deciding on what's his best move as he seeks a contract extension just like fellow "Core Four" member Darrelle Revis. He spoke with his agent about things yesterday and has plans to discuss it again tomorrow and then once more Sunday before making a final determination.

Mangold said his chances of attending minicamp are "50-50." He faces a fine of nearly $10,000 per day if he skips out on the camp, which begins Monday here at The Hangar and concludes with Wednesday's public practice at The New Meadowlands Stadium.

"Everything has a decision and we don’t make those decisions until right up until the point that we have to," Mangold said. "I don’t want to say anything right now, then will end up putting my foot in my mouth. ‘You said you were going to be here and now you’re not here. You said you weren’t going to be here and now you are, you know. What the hell?’

"So it’s one of those things. We make decisions, we try to get as much information as we can before we make those decisions."

What kind of info is Mangold talking about?

"You want to get info from the agents because they are talking, you want to get a feel from outside the team," Mangold said. "If something happens at a different team, that could change what we have going on. You want to take in as much as you can. Anything and everything."

Mangold considered not participating in the voluntary conditioning workouts, and also pondered not showing up for the OTAs. But he's played the role of good soldier so far even though he admits he's been thinking about his contract situation for a while now.

"It’s been weighing on me since March," Mangold said. "We said, 'Hey, we want to do an extension.’ And the Jets say, ‘Oh, we love you. We want to do an extension. It’s just this obstacle, that obstacle.' And ever since then, it’s been weighing on me because I want to get it done and not have to worry about it, and just go back to the business of playing football."

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