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Vet QB Josh McCown mentors Christian Hackenberg, Bryce Petty

New York Jets quarterback Josh McCown during first

New York Jets quarterback Josh McCown during first half of the Tennessee Titans at the NY Jets on Saturday August 12, 2017. Credit: Lee S Weissman

Josh McCown did everything the Jets wanted him to do.

To clarify, we’re not necessarily talking about the eight plays that led to their touchdown. It’s everything after that.

Apparently, the Jets’ 38-year-old quarterback showed as much worth off the gridiron Saturday night as he had on it.

Pulled after his first drive in the Jets’ 7-3 preseason win over the Titans, McCown was fully invested in his role as Christian Hackenberg’s mentor. McCown, a former high school football coach who honed his craft between NFL jobs, was spotted cheering on Hackenberg on the sideline and offering advice when he came off the field.

“I’m just trying to encourage him,” McCown said. “ . . . Every quarterback goes out there and they want to finish each drive with a touchdown, so when those things are happening, there is kind of an inner fight of, man, do I need to do more?

“Things happen and you get kind of delayed, but the fight as a quarterback is to stay in the system, stay within the game and don’t be greedy and force the ball. So my hat is off to both of them [Hackenberg and Bryce Petty] for not doing that.”

Added coach Todd Bowles: “Josh has been great since he’s been here. He talks to those guys quite a bit. Although it’s been competitive, he also tries to help and be a mentor, and that’s a plus having an extra coach.”

n Bowles wants better ‘D’

Despite his defense’s eight sacks — along with holding the Titans to three points — Bowles said he isn’t fully satisfied. “The sacks are “not indicative to how they played,” he said. “I thought some run holds were open . . . but overall, they held them to three points. There are things to get better at.”

Leonard Williams led it off early, sacking Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota. Still, Bowles said he was looking for more, and despite a sack and two tackles by Jordan Jenkins, Bowles said he hasn’t made a decision at outside linebacker.

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