Former Jets quarterback Vinny Testaverde has confidence that Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow can coexist.

With Sanchez as the starter and Tebow running the Wildcat, Testaverde said the Jets have a potentially dangerous offense.

"They brought in a guy in Tony Sparano, the offensive coordinator, that has experience with this Wildcat offense that Tim Tebow runs," Testaverde said during an promotional event at the MetLife building in Manhattan on Thursday. "Hopefully we'll get the best of Tim Tebow and get the best of Mark Sanchez, and that's a winning combination."

The Sanchez-Tebow situation has sparked plenty of media attention. Testaverde said there's always pressure that comes with competing to keep a job, but that it's just as much external as it is from within the team.

"Obviously, Tim Tebow is a well-liked, well spoken about sports figure, but for Mark Sanchez it doesn't matter who they bring in because he's not only competing against the guys on his football team," Testaverde said. "They can trade for guys, backup guys that are getting released can come here, you just don't know the scenario. So you've got to compete against everybody, not just the guys on your team. That was always my approach."

As for Sanchez's development over the first three years of his career, Testaverde likes what he has seen. Though Sanchez and the Jets failed to make the playoffs after back-to-back AFC Championship Game appearances, Testaverde said Sanchez is a better quarterback now than before last season.

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"Even though the experiences he went through last year may not have been successful ones, he still has that experience to draw back on this year," Testaverde said. "So it makes him a better quarterback coming into this year, in my opinion."

Testaverde, who played seven seasons for the Jets, appeared with former Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer in advance of Saturday night's game between the teams. He retired in 2007 at the age of 44, and said he is enjoying life after a 21-year career.

"I'm happy I got out of the NFL able to walk," he said.