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Westhoff explains missed field goals against Jets

The Jets have received some gifts this season, and no, not counting the Colts resting their starters. More specifically there have been five missed field goals against the Jets in their two playoff games. Most of them were chip shots.

Against the Bengals, Shayne Graham missed kicks of 35 and 28 yards. Last week against the Chargers, Nate Kaeding missed from 36, 57 and 40 yards. The Jets haven’t had a successful field goal kicked against them in the playoffs.

What gives?

Special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff has an idea.

“What we’ve done is, our guys really rush hard,” Westhoff said. “It’s an extension of our defense. We rush hard every single time. I thought the first kick last week, Bryan Thomas was going to block it. He swam around the guy, came right in and the ball just barely missed his hand. If you watch our tape week after week like all teams do, you know you’re just going to get hit every time. Mike DeVito knocks somebody back every time. We pressure. We don’t always get there, but we pressure them.

“I believe that subconsciously, you watch it and you look at it, you go ‘Whoa, wait a minute. I don’t have all day,’ " he continued. “I think – and I could be wrong – I think it affects a rhythm where they are a little bit quicker than what they want to be. If you’re not, you’re going to get it blocked. Whether that’s it, I can’t say. But I know one thing, we come like heck. They come real hard.”

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