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Westhoff: No accusations here

Special teams coach Mike Westhoff during a Jets

Special teams coach Mike Westhoff during a Jets minicamp at their training facility in Florham Park, N.J. (June 14, 2010) Credit: Joe Epstein

Mike Westhoff still can't get away from his comments last week, the ones in which the longtime special teams coordinator pointed the finger at the Patriots for implementing sideline walls.

"I said that team up north," he cracked today. "Canada, it might have been."

Westhoff made the comments on a Chicago radio station last Wednesday, implying the Patriots had utilized the wall tactic before. The Jets, at the time, were being skewered for putting up the wall during their 10-6 loss to the Dolphins, and some thought he was pointing out the Patriots to take the focus away from them.

"I wasn’t being derogatory and I wasn’t accusing anyone of anything," Westhoff said. "I was frustrated with the fact that I know my involvement in the whole thing. I’m not accusing anybody of doing anything wrong. Absolutely not."

The NFL was at the Jets' training facility on Friday investigating whether there was anyone else other than strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi, who's been suspended indefinitely for tripping Miami's Nolan Carroll and ordering the inactive players to form the wall, played a role in the incident.

"They came in and talked with us, and we had to go through the whole thing," Westhoff said. "They were very thorough. But I think they fully understood, in my opinion, all the circumstances and I think they believe it because I know it’s true."

So exactly what went down during the NFL's visit?

"They just wanted all the details of what happened," Westhoff said. "I think when they saw everything, there wasn’t any tremendous shock. They just  were very thorough from top to bottom, [going] over, over and over something that was ridiculous."

Westhoff also took issue with Boomer Esiason’s comments during CBS’ pregame show on Sunday, when the native Long Islander and former NFL quarterback accused Westhoff of playing semantics while denying his involvement with the sideline wall fiasco.

"It's all semantics here," Esiason said. "What doesn't he teach? He doesn’t teach to stick the knee out. That's what he's not teaching. But he does teach to line them up on the sideline. And I will tell you this, Sal Alosi is not a rat. He will not throw the coaches under the bus. Although I do think that Mike Westhoff did throw Sal Alosi under the bus this week by playing semantics with his language."

Westhoffs thoughts on that statement?

“I heard them. I don’t agree with them at all," Westhoff said. "I’m on the record with every word that I’ve said. Everyone has an opinion. You have a right to have an opinion, but you’ll have a hard time in my opinion finding semantics in anything I said, a very difficult time. There’s nothing else I can do.

"How do you prove to yourself that you are telling he truth? Tell me. I'm into suggestions. But I know exactly what I said the whole time and know my involvement, no question about it. There’s no gray area, no gray area. Never was. That’s his interpretation and I certainly do not agree."

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