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Westhoff: Tebow's one of my fave guys

Tim Tebow talks with special teams coordinator Mike

Tim Tebow talks with special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff during the Jets' first day of training camp at SUNY Cortland. (July 27, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

Mike Westhoff had an idea of what Tim Tebow would be like. But the Jets special teams coordinator is happy to report the Jets backup quarterback/punt protector has exceeded his expectations, as far as personality, work ethic and football I.Q.

"To me, he's one of those kind of guys that takes what he does and does it 100 percent and doesn't ask anything else out of it," Westhoff said. "I guess it's kind of one of those guys that, what you'd hope he'd be off the field, he is, in my opinion. 

"I used to say that about Dan -- about Marino. I'm not comparing because they're different. But Dan off the field was what you would hope he would be. I think what you would hope that (Tebow) would be, that's what I've seen."

But the Jets quarterback isn't just a nice guy. He's a heckuva worker. 

Westhoff noted Tebow's an immense threat as a punt protector because teams have no idea what to expect, as it relates to fakes. "We may call it, we may not," said the coordinator. 

Tebow has play-calling liberties when he's on special teams -- meaning he's allowed to audible depending on his comfort-level with the coverage. "We call things," Westhoff said. "We work together really well on it. And then we may have something on he'll check out of.

"But you'd better know he's there as an opponent."

Westhoff gushed for several minutes about Tebow, calling the backup quarterback "an outstanding young man" and "one of my favorite guys." He also said he's never heard Tebow make an excuse "ever." 

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